What is Aircel WiFi?

Aircel WiFi

Every time I see the new Aircel WiFi ad (see ahead), I’m so lost in the song that I ignore whatever they are saying. But this time I decided to actually find out what is it and is it any good?


As I guessed from the advertisement, Aircel WiFi is a hotspot service. That essentially means it allows access to broadband Internet using WiFi on your WiFi enabled phone or laptopĀ or tablet in certain locations where Aircel has installed their Wireless access points (also called hotspots). Its pretty much same as what you get at most new Airports and even certain malls and cafes.

All you need to do is goto a Aircel WiFi hotspot location, connect to the Aircel’s Hotspot (AIRCEL_SPECTRANET), register/login and browse as usual.


Aircel says the they have over 50,000 hotspots across India but the website just shows 5 cities namely – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai and none of the cities has more than 50-60 hotspots. Maybe they meant 500. But I think it’s ridiculous to advertise a countrywide WiFi hotspot network with barely 500 hotspots. I hope they improve this with time.


The tariffs aren’t mentioned in detail anywhere on the website yet but the FAQ says it’s Rs 15/hour which is pretty good in my opinion. It will be adjusted into you mobile’s prepaid balance/post paid bill.

If you are an Aircel user, you can get a free trial till Feb 20, 2011.


  • 512 Kbps is way too low.
  • While the homepage says unlimited downloads, the FAQ says they have a 30 MB/hour FUP (Fair Usage Policy – a misleading term for download limit)
  • It’s only available for Aircel mobile users but I guess that’s a fairly obvious business move.
  • Unlike what’s mentioned in the advertising, availability is really bad as of now. It may improve with time though.

Is it good? Should I switch to Aircel?

The only good thing is that it’s much more convenient to use on laptops compared to a data card or via tethering from your phone. Since the speeds are really limiting it may not be as attractive as various 3G or EVDO data cards or tethering options. For mobile phones, I’d much rather prefer the SIM’s 3G network provided you have the availability in your area. But if the website is to be believed the 3G availability is much better than Aircel WiFi. But if are using it you are on Aircel and don’t have any 3G options yet so if it’s available it’s definitely better than EDGE.

No, definitely not. At present, it’s not good enough a reason to move to Aircel. If you want to change mobile subscribers switch to a 3G enabled one like BSNL, Airtel or Tata Docomo.

I guess the best thing about Aircel WiFi as of now is this advertisement.


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8 Responses to this post

  1. Ankit says:

    WTF 30mb per hour ….what kind on plan is that….atleast it should be minimum of 500mb per hour with bandwidth of 1mbps it’s better to sit in cyber cafe insted of using aircel wifi….. aircel sucks!!!!!

  2. Haresh Patel says:

    aircel is bast

  3. milan says:

    can aoyone say the name of the actress who play role in aircel wifi ad wearin brownish dress at coffe shop. So cute.

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