Samsung NV9 10.2 MP Multi Media Camera [Digital Cameras]

Samsung India recently launched the NV9 to the Indian market, a 10.2 MP digital camera touted as one’s all in one traveling companion. It is actually a digital camera which doubles up as a personal media player, with MP3 playback and text viewing facilities. Now I understand MP3 playback, but text viewing? Seriously, where are we? 2001?

Here are the specs:

Sensor 10.2 Mega Pixels
Lens SAMSUNG Lens 5x Inner Zoom
Focus TTL auto focus (Multi AF, Centre AF, Face Detection AF)
Media Internal memory: Approx.10MB flash memory (Recycle Bin 10MB), External memory: MMCplus (up to 2GB guaranteed) / SD (up to 4GB guaranteed), SDHC (up to 8GB guaranteed)
Interface USB 2.0
Weight 139.4g (without battery and card)
Dimenstions (WxHxD)
95.0 x 59.9 x 21.3mm

The camera features an antique style analog display of remaining battery power and memory space aka mini dashboard. This will help you to keep an eye on the remaining juice while watching movies or listening to music without fiddling with the controls. Sweet, yet ugly:

The supplied USB 2 can be used to charge the camera while it is connected to a computer. The same cable can be used with a USB charger as well.

The camera features Dual IS. This means that there is optical plus digital image stabilization. This helps prevent blurry images when you are hands are shaking while  while taking snaps or you are capturing anything with a high zoom level.

The camera also features a beauty shot mode which, apparently removes any ugly characteristics from your face thereby saving the ladies a trip to the beauty parlor. I am not sure how this algorithm will work. But I won’t expect miracles from this.

The camera has other standard features such as face detection and 5x inner zoom. This means that the lens of the camera remains inside the enclosure while zoom and the camera remains slim, whether on or off.

The camera scores well in the looks segment. It also seems to be very compact making it an ideal choice for travelers.

The camera is available in the following colors:







No word on pricing yet from Samsung but as per the features, it should be priced in the sub 20k segment in India.

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2 Responses to this post

  1. vivek says:

    @ "sweet, yet ugly" – IMHO, I think THAT is the killer feature of the camera. You need real creative people to come up with such specs….

  2. Setu says:

    @Vivek –

    I agree with you. However, they did it wrong. If you look at most pro cameras, they do have such a dashboard. But it looks nice and matches the rest of the camera. However, doesn't look good in this camera though.

    But then again, its a matter of opinions.

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