An Awesome Compilation of Bollywood Covers of Popular Western Songs

We all know how our music directors get inspirations all the time. It was about time that someone compiled all of these inspired songs. Bollywood Cover Songs developed by Gaurav Oberoi does that pretty darn well. As it’s apparent from the name, in the spirit of decency, they call the Bollywood version a cover instead of blaming the music directors of stealing.

The website has an excellent interface and you can literally spend (waste?) a lot of time browsing around, listening to songs and poking fun at the Bollywood covers. I was actually shocked to see some of them. For instance checkout this Hotel California cover done by Rajesh Roshan.

There are some bugs related to the Facebook integration. Comments are not specific to a page and they don’t appear on the user’s Facebook wall. But anyway, none of this will hamper any fun for the user!

[Bollywood Cover Songs]

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