Want to buy blank DVDs for cheap?

imageIf  you are looking for a place to buy blank DVDs for cheap, look no further than Moser Baer’s online shop. Yes, the 2nd largest optical media manufacturer in the world based out of India has an online store for selling its stuff.

Moser Baer manufactures good quality blank CDs, DVDs and BDs at its facilities in Noida. You can buy them at their online shop and they will be shipped to you right from their factories! This means they would be as fresh as you can get them. We have ordered from their store and they send them in pretty good packaging (in a carton box with sufficient shock absorbers). Plus they ship via Blu Dart (they charge you for that), so you get next day delivery.

Even after including the shipping cost, we found that the overall price was much lower than what you can get in the market.

Not only blank media, you can buy all Moser Baer products from the online store. Head on to shop.moserbaer.in to start shopping. They also have the following offers running till the 30 of April 2010:


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