Google Wave invite giveaway


UPDATE: This contest in now closed. See the list of winners here.

Apparently, everyone wants a Google Wave account these days. Well, luckily, we have a few invites left with us which we would like to give away to our readers.

Since the demand is more than the supply (we have 5 invites as of now), this is going to be a lucky draw. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Become a fan of woikr on Facebook.
  2. Let us know (by leaving a comment below) why you want a Google Wave account so badly. It can be as mere a reason as “collaborate with friends” to as important as “rub it in the face of my friends”.
  3. Make sure you mention your Twitter @username somewhere in the comment. Otherwise, your entry will be disqualified :).

It’s that simple! The contest closes Sat 10/17/2009 at 5PM IST. So hurry up!

Winners will be announced on Sun 10/18/2009 by 9 PM IST.

Google Wave invites are actually nominations. Google sends out invites to the nominees whenever they’re looking out for more users, few at a time. We can’t guarantee a time frame the invite will reach the lucky. Patience is the key.

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28 Responses to this post

  1. Amit Agarwal says:

    BIGG Google Fan. Straight and clear 🙂 More details on my blog mentioned above.

    Twitter ID @amitnme

  2. Matt says:

    I really want to get some good online collaboration going and Google Wave looks like the perfect engine for that. I will submit bug reports and participate in user surveys. I'd also like to review the site as well.

    On twitter I'm @TheAmazingMattW


  3. V says:

    Is it real? I need that wave invite so badly that I have stopped thinking for a moment.


  4. HI,

    I want to try everything new launched by Google. I am already using Google Voice, now wants to try my hands on Google Wave,

    tweet me on @iubuntu77

  5. Rohit says:

    Google baba ki Jai…. Cant live without google…and Now Google wave ….communication will be so easy and interesting 🙂

    Add me for this Lucky draw !!!

    Twitter @ rohitjiit

  6. Sanjeev Goyal says:

    Big fan of Google applications…wanted to utilize this to collaborate with friends and inundate them messages at any time of the day 🙂

    Twitter id @sanjeevgoyal

  7. chellakumar says:

    Big fan of google,wanted to utilze for friedns and increase network

    Twitter id @ chellakumar

  8. Pranjal says:

    Want google wave desperately.

    Twitter @ pranjal_1981

  9. Mohamed Ansari says:

    Love Google.. Die hard fan of Google products..

    Twitter @gjswitchgear

  10. Jayesh says:

    Big Big fan of Google products as it improve I interact with Intranet. For me Google Wave is in must have list.

    twitter @ poriajayesh

  11. Prescilla says:

    I am a Big Big fan of Google products. And I dont want to miss google wave.

    twitter id: smprescilla

  12. First, I just love your blog, I'm a regular reader of the same 🙂 Keep Going Strong.

    Coming to Google Wave invite, I'm just a Google Freak ! Would love to lay my hand on Google Wave 🙂 Would like to collaborate friends and relatives using Google Wave, would also post a review of same on my blog Just dying to get invited to Google WAVE !

    Thanx for such a great opportunity !

    Twitter : @guptashubham123

  13. Why I want a Google Wave Invite?

    How shall I answer? I am desperate for an invite! Yes. I am. Why? Well… I am a developer with 14+ years of coding experience and I want to play with the best thing that that has come out in a Decade!

    Web / Desktop / Mobile (Symbian, J2ME) is my preferred platforms.

    Twitter: @gautamsatpathy

    Facebook: gautamsatpathy


    – Gautam

  14. Sadagopan says:

    Interestd in building apps around google wave

    twitter id: cp_sadag

  15. Rakesh says:

    Would like to check it out as Google Products are always a delite to use.

    Twitter @rakeshthyd

  16. chandra says:

    features look really awesome! jUst wanna try


  17. Manishree says:

    To flow with the wave I want wave.

    Twitter @manishreesinha

  18. Raj Mohanty says:

    I want an invite coz i want to among the first few to try it out..

  19. Pauke says:

    Interested in building apps around google wave, too! The other reason.. hell yes, it's google i need no second reason!

    Twitter: @Pauke

  20. Amy Wagar says:

    I want a google wave invite so bad because I have no idea what it is! If I get one, surely I will learn.

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  22. Abhishek says:

    Why do I want a Google Wave invite?

    I tried curing Cancer, but that didn't work out. Then I tried solving world hunger, but that plan backfired too. Tried saving the environment… Nope. Worked my ass off for world peace… not looking good. Heck, I even tried to get rid of reality tv shows, but they just keep on increasing. So yea, my self esteem is in the gutter right now… winning a contest with a Gwave invite would definitely help things along 😉

    And yea, the concept of Google wave is just damn cool 😛

    a_srivastava @ twitter

    Thanks for holding the contest 🙂

  23. David Ligon says:

    As an Educational Technology Director exploring cutting-edge Web 2.0 apps for use in 21st Century classrooms, I believe this tool may hold a lot of potential towards leveraging academic achievement for today's digital native generation. Having a copy of the tool would allow me to evaluate its educational use in our K-12 school district. @EdTechLeader

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  25. Gunjan says:

    I want google wave for collaborating with my friends more smoothly. twitter @gunjanbnk

  26. Vicente says:

    @ VicentePBF

    I was truly shocked, surprised, excited, happy, obsessed, mesmerized and even dizzy after watching the 80 minutes video about Google Wave.
    I can say I haven`t been this anxious in a long time.
    The possibilities to discover are incalculable.
    Google Wave will be an amazing way to talk to both friends and coworkers. I believe it will be, in a near future, able to center all internet social activities in one place.
    That`s I need a google wave invite so badly. Of course it would also be wonderful to rub in the face of my friends!

  27. Abhinav says:

    awesome applications..

    Twitter @abhisuri13

  28. […] As promised, here are the winners of the Google Wave invite giveaway: […]

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