Google Wave invite giveaway part II

As promised, here is part II of the Google Wave invite giveaway. We have 5 invites with us which we would like to give away to our readers.

This is gonna be a lucky draw. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Become a fan of woikr on Facebook.
  2. Follow woikr on Twitter.
  3. Answer the following question in the comments section of this post:

Do you think Google Wave is over hyped?

Please make sure that:

  • You specify your twitter @username in the comment somewhere.
  • You use the same name in the comment as your facebook display name.

(otherwise your entry will be disqualified)

It’s that simple! The contest closes Thu 10/22/2009 at 5PM IST. So hurry up!

Winners will be announced on Fri 10/23/2009 by 9 PM IST.

Google Wave invites are actually nominations. Google sends out invites to the nominees whenever they’re looking out for more users, few at a time. We can’t guarantee a time frame the invite will reach the lucky. Patience is the key.

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17 Responses to this post

  1. Deepak Modi says:

    I pretty much think that Google wave is overhyped. However, I also believe that it has the potential for building some cool stuff around it and may drive some good innovations considering the competitiveness of the market.

  2. Manishree says:

    Things which are easily not available always become hype. Same with google Wave.

    "Bin maange moti mile.. maange mile na bheekh"

    Facebook @ manishree

    Twitter @ manishreesinha

  3. Fran says:

    Twitter: @pinkishgirly

    I think that google wave is totally overhyped, and although that doesn't stop me from wanting a invite, I think that people selling invites on ebay for $99 dollars is a bit too much. It's really unfair to the people who actually buy those invites because they were meant to be free. (btw, who buys those invites anyway?)

  4. Harleen says:

    Well don't think so. Pretty keen to try it out.

  5. Siba says:

    My 2Cents :- I think more than Google, its been the curiosity of the general online public that has made Google wave a big hype. Contests like this one along with the publicity on social media platforms have made it look like a prized entity. Several sites (single page) came up promising google wave invites…recorded peoples email/twitter/facebook identies. Don't know if anyone has sent any invites.

    Haven't taken a look yet to comment on Google wave's capabilities. Heard great things though.


  6. Nimesh Desai says:

    I personally value Google's innovations and culture, but Wave seems a bit over hyped as this point. But I really liked the cool stuffs it promises to offer and integration with different social networking platforms.


  7. Sameer Thadhani says:

    Its a wave that's sweeping everyone off with it. It has to be overhyped

  8. Imran Shahid says:

    Google Wave is not over hyped, I think. It will become the de-facto standard for real time communication and collaborations very soon.


  9. robrr says:

    Twitter @rob_r_r

    Facebook robrr

    I don't think Google Wave is over-hyped at all.

    I just can't believe that no one asked the question, what would email look like if it were invented today, before.

    At least with getting a lot of hype then there will be plenty of people to wave at. Nothing worse than trying a beta and only having a few users. This way they can test robustness and scalability.

  10. Arun Kumar says:

    Twitter @havefun528

    Facebook @Arun Kumar

    I think its not over hyped at all. Google Wave sounds to have the potential and also the so called "hype" reflects our expectations from the much awaited new communication widget/app.


  11. Dhruv Gupta says:

    Anything from google (wave) which is not available freely creates an hype just like Gmail which kicked off ~5 years ago. Everyone was after it.

    On the other hand ,I think Wave is something quite different. Wave really is supposed to be a focused, team-oriented productivity tool for moderate sized groups of people working together on projects with focused goals.

    Can be described as "Social Media Ocean"

    Twitter @ dhruvibm

    Facebook @ Dhruv Gupta

  12. Sean Lyons says:

    I do not think that Google Wave is over-hyped as it is a revolutionary way to collaborate and develop ideas together. This sort of interface/mechanism has never before existed in any society, and once it matures will be catalytic in changing the symbolisms, metaphors and tools used commonly in human communication. This is the evolution of language.


  13. Chris Larson says:

    Overhyped? No, not really. Just hyped. I'm not sure our culture actually has such a concept as "over-hyped" anymore.

    FB: Chris Larson

  14. I definitely do not think that Google Wave is a over hyped, looking at the demo video…it definitely looked to be a great product

    My twitter id is iubuntu77

  15. Bharat Jilliedumudi says:

    Well, looks like so from the way woikr is making fans and followers on facebook and twitter!!

    I am not taking anything away from google wave, but i guess woikr is under-hyped. It deserves much more publicity than what it is getting right now!!

    Tweet me on Twitter @BharatJill

    Face me on Facebook @Bharat Jilliedumudi

  16. Google Wave is probably not overrated, if Google does anything, they do it good.

    Twitter name: @Minus_30

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