Giveaway: Win 3 Binverse Usenet Accounts with 50GB Free Downloads

We have 3 Binverse Usenet accounts to give away to our readers. These are no-frills attached accounts with a download cap of 50GB.


What is Usenet?
Usenet is one of the oldest computer networks built in 1979, that’s almost 10 years before the World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berner-Lee. It supports news and file transfer across networks. Usenet is now primarily offered by premium service providers like Binverse.

What is Binverse?
Binverse is one of the top Usenet providers in the US and provides a safe/secure and a fast way to Usenet. Binverse is popular because

  • It doesn’t speed cap your downloads
  • Transfers data through a 256bit encrypted SSL connection.
  • Built-in search – you can search and download from within the application
  • Preview audio/video and image files before downloading them fully.
  • Crawls over 100,000 Newsgroups (more files)
  • Over 800TB available files to download
  • Runs on Windows and Mac OS (you can use the same account details)

Usenet vs. Torrents?

  Usenet BitTorrent
Download Speeds Speeds are usually uncontrolled as  they are downloaded from a powerful centralized servers. So your only bottleneck is your broadband connection Different parts of the same file are downloaded from peers and download speeds depend on seed/peer availability. Unless well seeded, the speed suck.
Privacy If downloads from the server to your machine are encrypted (like Binverse),  you’re traffic cannot be monitored. When you download with BitTorrent others downloading the same file can see your IP address.
File Availability Limited, depends on the file retention of the server. Binverse holds binary files (like video/audio) for 1000 days. Practically unlimited: As long as there are peers available, as specific file will be available forever. Practically,
Cost Premium paid for Usenet Clients like Binverse. For big files and heavy downloaders, this is worth it. Please note that you’re not paying for legal content here. It’s the service. Free. You don’t have to pay anyone as there are no centralized services/no server maintenance cost. There are only Torrent trackers (which don’t host any files).
Technology Centralized servers – direct encrypted download from one server. Multiple peers, each machine acts as a server and a client download from each other.

How To participate in the Giveaway?
You just need to leave a FB comment below. That Simple!
3 lucky winners will get 1 Binverse account each. Winners will be announced on 4th September 2011.

Once chosen, we’ll ask the winners for their email addresses and Binverse (the sponsor) will send the account details directly to you.

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Thanks a lot to Binverse for sponsoring the giveaway!

UPDATE 5th September 2011 
The giveaway is now closed. The 3 lucky winners have been announced.

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