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Dear Google+, Ignorance is Bliss

google plus logo

Dear Google+, please stop creeping me out. I know you come from the minds of probably the best computer engineers in the world. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else will appreciate how creepy a computer algorithm can become when it has the power and information to figure out any types of connections among people. I have two examples to give you:

A friend of mine had an issue with his UPS and he called up their customer care to arrange for a replacement. They asked for a copy of the invoice to be sent to their email address. That email address was a gmail address (lets not get into why this was the case). When my friend composed and sent an email to that address, the Google+ section to the right of the message immediately found out that this gmail address is associated to a person’s google+ profile which has a public profile picture and showed it there. I understand that its pretty smart, however, consider if google+ wasn’t integrated in such a creepy way, my friend would have just sent the email and everyone would have lived happily ever after.


Facebook blocks user accounts in India with the word “Chutia” in them


PluggdIn is reporting that Facebook has blocked user accounts in India which contain the Hindi expletive “Chutia” in them. It looks like an attempt to get rid of fake profiles from the social network. However, this move seems to be causing trouble for people from the “Chutia” community of Assam (pronounced Sutiya). Facebook does not seem to be applying any algorithm to determine if the profile is fake and is blindly blocking user accounts with the slang in them.

It looks like Facebook might need to get a history lesson from Wikipedia and revert this action. They should devise a better way of determining fake profiles as such expletives are used pretty commonly in India.

[via PluggdIn]

How Airtel is alienating its premium customers


I am not sure if there is any official terminology, but in my opinion, a premium customer to a telecom company is one who is ready to try their new (and expensive) services, pays bills well within due date, subscribes to ebills & pays bill online (as it saves logistic costs for the company). There may be more criterion, but these are the basic ones in my opinion. By this logic, most software professionals (including me) will be premium customers to the telecom sectors.

If I were running Airtel (or any other company for that matter), I would make sure that I do not piss off my premium customers. However, it looks like Airtel has no interest in retaining such customers. Here are a few examples indicating why I feel this:

Example 1: Annoying non targeted alerts

I am subscribed to Airtel’s 3G data plan which offers me about 3 GB of data per month at a monthly charge of ? 675. Airtel has this check in place for each subscriber, that if their data usage is high, they send SMS to the customer warning them of the same. Now any sane & logical person will apply the check on the percentage of data the customer has used. However, people at Airtel seem to have applied the check on certain pre-defined values. Now, even if I am at 20% of my usage, I start getting annoying messages everyday informing me the same and suggesting me to upgrade my 3G data plan.


Indian Members of Parliament (MPs) are getting iPads from taxpayers money [WTF]

ipad fail

In a nation which is challenged with issues like poverty, education, corruption and many more, the government seems to be paying no heed to citizens’ needs. The government of India has approved to reimburse the MPs in India unto INR 50,000 for iPad or a Samsung Galaxy tab. Ideally I would not have issue with such a move and will probably appreciate the gesture. But I have been to government offices and assume that the MPs must be having laptops or desktops to work on. However, they are probably eating dust somewhere in the corner of their offices. Instead of distributing more gadgets, the government should first make sure that the MPs use whatever they have been allocated currently.

The biggest disappointment is that this money will come from the tax which honest citizens pay. And now the money will be used by these MPs to play angry birds on their iPads.

I have no issues with the MPs having iPads. But first, they should make sure that citizens’ needs are met. Needs like good road infrastructure, scholarship for underprivileged students, computers in schools… the list goes on.

[PluggdIn via IBN]

The worst 3G advertisement ever

Idea has released what is probably the worst 3G advertisement ever. Here, see it for yourself:

I simply cannot believe that anyone would procrastinate having sex to access 3G internet. This is so lame and total BS. I used to admire Idea ads. Not anymore.

Sega wants you to control a video game with your pee! [LOL + WTF]

Sega toylet

There is really no end to bizzare ideas in this world. Video game giant SEGA is launching a video game which will be installed in toilets (gents I presume) and will let you control the game with your pee! Aptly named “Toylet“, the game hardware (installed in the urinal, BTW) senses the pressure & speed of your pee, thereby controlling the volume of the pee in the game. I am guessing the more you pee, the more you win.

Here is what sega has to say:a

First, an infrared sensor detects when a person approaches, and changes the screen to the game ready display. Next, microwaves hit the stream of urine when the person urinates, and it reads the reflected microwaves to detect the speed of the urine stream. The volume is then calculated by the speed and duration of the urination.

Hit the jump for a quick video!


ASUS Just Committed Suicide In Geekville [WTF Video]

As part of the advertisement campaign for ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, their new Laptop/Tablet hybrid, ASUS has released this video which looks like a spoof based on the popular geeky show “The Big Bang Theory”. The problem is, the video isn’t funny at all. In fact it’s irritating and torturous at best.

Believe me ASUS, you’ve just committed suicide in geekville.

[via Tsuvik]

AXIS Bank Lets You Trade From Anywhere, Even An iPod Classic [LOL]

So I got this email from AXIS Bank today advertising their online trading platform called AXIS Direct. What caught my attention was a picture of iPod Classic (the old non-touch plain vanilla one). I thought that maybe they are giving away free iPods!

AXIS Direct, Trade from Anywhere


LG Optimus 3D Ads Are As Lame As They Get [Multiple Proofs Included]

LG’s new Android mobile phone – Optimus 3D maybe awesome but it’s advertisements are as lame as they get. The ads try to show the viewers how a 3D mobile phone can boost their day to day life.

The first one is about a girl who can’t understand Yoga moves when watched on a normal 2D  TV.


Woman Attempts Suicide Because She Lost Her iPhone 4 [WTF!]

This is possibly the craziest iPhone related news I’ve ever read. A woman in HongKong attempted suicide and the primary reason appears to be the fact that she lost her iPhone 4.

iPhone Suicide Attempt


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