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Untangle Space Out Pro for iPhone/iPod Touch [Review]

Untangle Space Out Pro belongs to the most popular genre of games on iPhone – the puzzle genre. While this genre is full of dated styles like Jigsaw Puzzles, once in a while you see some really interesting games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope that get you hooked and can challenge the brain. Although not an instant classic, Untangle Space Out is fun, challenging and one of the better puzzle games around.


Review: Green Day Tour Guide for iPad


Green Day Tour Guide for iPad is an amazing app for Green Day Fans. Specifically designed for the iPad, it is the go to guide for all the info you will need for Green Day tours.

Here are the features:

  • Setlist of all the concerts
  • Search within the App for YouTube videos of concerts
  • Search within the App for photos of concerts on Flickr
  • Info about tickets availability and links to buy them


Read Comics on your Mac [iStrip]

Do you love comics, especially Web Comics? You’re gonna love this. Joar’s iStrip is everything you expect from a good Mac software. It’s simple, it’s awesome, it just works!

iStrip does a really simple task. It shows you the comics you love, without any hassles. It has a list of 561 comics (Yes 561!) and you can see any of them form any of the published dates. It features a simplistic interface with a window pane displaying the comic, arrow buttons to go next and back (mapped to the corresponding arrow keys), date/issue selector and a drop down showing the list of comics. Once you select the comics you follow regularly,  they are shown in a drop-down and can also be selected using the Up and Down arrow keys.


LG Optimus One (P500) Hands-on and Review [With Pics]

Our rating:
A decent budget phone from LG, though lacks a few features. It’s a good first Smart phone with Android 2.2 with auto focus camera.
Approximately a year after releasing it’s first first Optimus phone (GT540), LG has learnt on how to build Android phones which won’t suck.

LG Actual Pic LG Actual Pic2 LG Actual Pic3

LG Optimus One is a good shot at it, here’s some pros and cons on why it’s a decent budget phone.

The phone comes with these accessories

  • Phone
  • 2GB SD card pre-loaded
  • In ear headphones
  • Power adaptor
  • USB Data cable (A separate USB Cable)
  • A pouch/cover (Although you’d want to order one)
  • A free WiFi card valid for 2 months (I couldn’t detect it’s signal from my home at least)

Here is a list of pros and cons.

Griffin Slap vs. iWatchz – iPod nano watch straps

When Steve Jobs introduced the 6th generation iPod nano in his keynote, he mentioned that one of the Apple’e executive is planning to wear them as watch on his wrist. I am sure it was that statement that probably inspired case designers to come up with the iPod nano watch straps. There are a couple of them in the market now. We are going to look at two – Griffin Slap and the iWatchz.


Get Fresh Local News and Deals – TaazzaGo for Android

There are so many ways to get the News fix on your Android phone. You can download the NDTV app, IBN Live app, one of many unofficial newspaper apps; you can subscribe to the popular News feeds; there is Google News for India and you can always visit the various newspaper websites. But Taazza wants to provide you with a better and more localized experience of News for many locations in India. Ahead is a small description of what they do in their words.

Taazza is about getting you closer to the news story that matters to you. We bring this fresh perspective by connecting you  to three important aspects of news:

  • Who wrote the story? (Author)
  • Where is the story relevant? (Location)
  • What is it talking about? (Topic)

How we are different?

  • Cutting edge NLP & classification algorithms
  • Popular newspapers, citizen journals & niche neighborhood papers
  • Easy content API for developers to build on

We downloaded the app for a quick review. See the gallery below for all the images.


Capdase Soft Jacket 2 Xpose Case For iPod Touch 4G

If you have an iPod Touch 4G and are looking for a good case, give the Capdase Soft Jacket 2 a try. The frosted case looks great and the list of accessories is amazing. The bundle includes a frosted case (White, Blue or Red), 2 screen protectors, 1 soft pouch and 1 movie/video stand. All for Rs. 699!

The case is made of a toughened rubber like material, covers the iPod really well and has an excellent grip. The video stand works surprisingly well but you may or may not find it useful. The screen protectors are decent and the soft pouch can be better used to store your earphones and charging cable. The images ahead shows the bundle contents and the case/video stand applied to the iPod.

I found the case while strolling through Chroma. It should be available in other places as well.

Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 – Android sans frills

No matter what I said before I’ve always been a hardcore iPhone fan. But I just couldn’t invest a laptop worth of money in a warranty-less iPhone 4 sourced from abroad. So I decided to shift camps, temporarily.

The biggest problem in my opinions with Android devices is the that there are too many to choose from. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a no-frills, budget Android phone (If you’re ready to increase your budget Nexus One is the best option in my opinion). After lots of reviews and spec comparison I decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy Spica. Now that I’ve spent some time with the phone, I’ll jot down a list of points that may affect your decision to buy this phone. The first part of the review deals with the hardware.


Review: Wisen Up [iPhone Apps]

When Apple says, “There’s an app for just about anything”, they really mean it. Consider Wisen Up, an app best described as a collection of facts, trivia, myths and quizzes about medical science and human body. Now what use could this be to anyone? Well, it’s a pretty cheap way to pass time when you can’t beat that level and have no Internet to update your Twitter status.

Wisen Up comprises of multiple sections that each feature flash cards containing a piece of trivia, fact or a question. Instead of trying to explain them, I’ll try to give an example so you can decide on your own whether you want this.


Review: WordDigest English Dictionary, Thesaurus & Spell Checker [iPhone apps]


We all have used a dictionary some time or the other. Be it the old school paperback Oxford dictionary, or one of the new age online ones. A dictionary is a handy tool, not only for students, but for anyone who like to read. Online dictionaries have an advantage of being updated all the time. Most of them now offer an iPhone site, which makes it easy to access them from your iPhone’s Safari browser. However, you need to have a data plan for that and be within coverage area. Plus, they are slow. This gives stand alone dictionary apps an edge over online versions.

The WordDigest English Dictionary, Thesaurus & Spell Checker for the iPhone/iPod Touch is a hefty app at 17.6 MB. But it is definitely worth it. Read on to find more.



  • Dictionary containing more than 147,000 words
  • IPA pronunciations for 87,000 words
  • Built-in hyper linked thesaurus for more than 28,000 words
  • Built-in hyper linked intelligent spell checker
  • Set bookmarks to favorite words
  • History of previously searched words
  • Built-in Web search for Wikipedia, Wiktionary and
  • Option to show the etymology (word origin) for a word. This feature requires active Internet connection.
  • Option to alter the text size


The dictionary takes some time when you launch it for the first time, as it unpacks the data onto your iPhone. After that, it starts up pretty quick and directly takes you to the search page:


The search is pretty fast. Even though all the words are loaded onto a contacts like screen, there is no lag in the real time search. However, flicking through the words might have some lag sometimes:


Clicking on the word opens the word page which takes about a second to load:


The page is pretty neat and simple. It has the pronunciation of the word (text only, no audio), the word type and its meaning with a few synonyms displayed at the bottom. There is a star to add the word to your favorites and small blue arrows to go to the word’s Thesaurus page. You can come back to the page using the navigation buttons on the top:


The spell checker is pretty fast and intuitive too.  It doesn’t search in real time though. The correct spelling of the word and a few alternatives are displayed:


The web tab lets you search the word on one of the 3 online dictionaries – Wikipedia, Wikitionary or Here is the best part – when you go to the web tab from the Dictionary tab, it auto searches the word you searched last. You do not have to type it in again:


The More tab gives access to your favorites list (something which should be on the main page), history and settings. Settings page, among other things, lets you configure the text size & the default online dictionary to search from the web tab:



A combination of huge local words database with the ability to search the web from within the app, coupled with an intuitive interface makes this app a great buy. People who are in the habit of reading ebooks on their iPhone/iPod touch as well as bookworms will find this app very useful. We give it 4 stars out of 5. The price of the app is $3.99, however, as introductory offer, the app is selling at a discounted price of $ 1.99.  You can download it from iTunes using the link below:


WordDigest English Dictionary, Thesaurus & Spell Checker [$1.99]

We also have 3 promo codes for this app which we will be giving away in a contest soon. Stay tuned.

WordDigest is brought to you by GlobalDelight and can be purchased here for $1.99. Thanks to GlobalDelight for the review copy!

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