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Imangi Studios Launch Temple Run 2, the Sequel to their Wildly Popular Game

temple run 2 logo

Imangi Studios surprised everyone by releasing Temple Run 2 – the sequel to their wildly popular game, Temple Run. The original game was a huge hit because of its immersive and thrilling, yet simple gameplay. The sequel is no different. It improves upon the prequel with astoundingly better graphics (which are, apparently, built using a much better graphics engine this time), new power ups, new stunts, yet using the same simplistic controls.

temple run 2 for iOS

You can download the iOS version from here: The Android version will be released in some time.’s Mobile Apps Now Available logo has launched its mobile apps for all major platforms which let you stream unlimited music over 3G or WiFi. The apps have been developed by Times Internet and are available at the App Store, Google Play Store, and also for Blackberry, Nokia and Java based phones.

The iOS app offers a neat and simple player design which is pretty intuitive and smooth in operation. The player includes all the features from the website such as playlists, search, music discovery, favorites etc. iOS app gaana ios app

The apps lets you enjoy’s huge catalog on the go. The only thing we found missing in the iOS was AirPlay support in the app. Although you can beam the music to AirPlay devices at the system level by double pressing the home button and swiping left twice.

The apps put neck to neck with their competitors like saavn and Dhingana. Hopefully the next round will be on the quality of the streaming audio.

Cleartrip Now Offers Passbook Support

cleartrip logo

Cleartrip is famous for its neat and simple, yet amazingly powerful UI. Oh, and seamless ticket bookings as well :). When it comes to user experience, cleartrip clearly is one of the best case studies. They are always on their toes to keep innovating and setting new standards.

Keeping with the tradition, cleartrip is now supporting Apple’s passbook format for all your bookings. Users can now send their bookings to their iPhones & iPod touches (with iOS 6 or above) and keep all the tickets, and passes handy. Apple’s passbook is a nifty app that serves as a digital folder for all such things. Think of it as the digital equivalent of your document kit. Learn more about it here.

cleartrip passbook

Unfortunately, airports in India currently do not support paperless boarding passes. So you will need to collect one from a counter. However, the pass should work as a paperless ticket, which, apparently, the airports are beginning to accept now. Pretty good move by Cleartrip.

[via Cleartrip blog]

Google Maps Now Available on the iPhone

google maps for iOS

Google has finally released its maps app for iOS giving relief to a lot of users around the world. After many embarrassing turn of events for Apple, it was inevitable for Google to work on and release an awesome app to users facing too much inconvenience. And they have delivered well.

The new app is beautifully designed and has all the elements one would need from a maps app. The app looks slick and minimalistic, however, it is feature packed with turn by turn voice navigation, transit directions, walking directions, live traffic view and reviews for restaurants in addition to some personalization features. I tried turn by turn voice navigation in India and found it to be pretty accurate. However, the distance units are not in metric which is a bit inconvenient. To make the  distance units show up in metric system, go to Settings -> General -> International and change the Region format to India. Also, there seems to be lags here and there when the app speaks out directions. Even with all these quirks, the app is a welcome for anyone who was used to using the native Google maps apps before iOS 6. The app has already replaced the native Apple maps app on my home screen.

Download the new app from the app store:

Mahindra Launches Android App to Connect with your XUV 500

mahindra logo

The XUV 500 is the flagship car from Mahindra. People are mad about it and rightfully so. It looks great, performs well and is priced competitively. The only issue is that you have to wait months before you can get one.

The XUV 500 is also probably one of the technologically superior cars. And Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. has launched an Android app for the owners of the XUV 500′s W8 model to monitor their car’s stats and control the audio system. Pretty cool eh?

mahindra xuv 500 android app

The app connects to the vehicle over bluetooth and lets the owner monitor vital stats like tyre pressure, fuel statistics in addition to providing alerts for door open, low fuel, distance to empty etc. Furthermore, the app can be used to control the infotainment system and the vehicle’s climate control system.

[via NextBigWhat]

BREAKING: Apple Launches iTunes Music and Movies Store in India

itunes india flag  itunes logo

This is huge. Epic. Apple has launched its iTunes music and movies store in India. Customers in India can now buy legal high quality music and HD movies from iTunes at a very reasonable price. They can also rent movies in HD on their iPad, iPhone, IPod touch or Apple TV. The music collection seems to be huge, however, the movie collection is limited to few Bollywood movies and a handful of Hollywood movies.

itunes india dabangg 2


Songs from new and popular albums are priced around INR 12 each which is lower than flipkart’s flyte’s pricing for same tracks. This makes a complete album to be priced around INR 100 (assuming 8 – 9 songs in an album on average). This is a very decent pricing and considering the fact that it is lower than flipkart’s price, it is a huge deal. The biggest advantage with iTunes store is that users can buy content directly on their devices. This was not possible with flyte as Apple does not allow in app purchases without cutting a 30% share. Another big plus is the ability to download purchased songs any number of times on any device.


Have Time to Kill? Lets You Answer Strangers’ Questions via Twitter

A lot of us ask questions on twitter. And a lot of them go unanswered. A new service called lets you answer strangers’ questions via twitter.

The service gives you 30 seconds to answer a random question. The tweets containing a question are identified by determining if there is a question mark (?) in them. However, you can also specify any word which you might want to add to the filtering criteria.

The service can be fun for people who have a lot of free time and are interested in answering strangers’ questions.

Bank in Hindi using HDFC Bank’s Hindi Mobile Banking Android App

hdfc bank logo

HDFC bank has become the first bank in India to launch a mobile banking app in Hindi. The app is available on the Google Play store and can be used by HDFC bank customers to bank in Hindi and perform various other banking operations like payment of utility bills, credit card payments, funds transfer and more.

Here is how the app looks:

hdfc hindi mobile banking hdfc hindi mobile banking

The app is a good move to tap a lot more customers and get them used to mobile banking practices. Majority of population in India is Hindi speaking and this move should make it easy for them to get on board.

Flipkart Launches eBooks in India

flipkart logo flipkart flyte digital store, one of India’s biggest online retailer has launched an eBook store under its flyte digital store strategy. Though a bit late than planned, the eBook store from flipkart offers around 64,000 eBooks at the time of launch.

The eBook store app is currently only available for Android based devices, however, flipkart is working on apps for other platforms. The Android app enables users to purchase (using flipkart wallet), download and read eBooks in the app. Furthermore, users can download each eBook on up to 6 devices at once.

The catalog offers a lot of free eBooks which can be downloaded for free. For paid eBooks, users can download a free preview in order to decide whether to buy the book or not. The pricing of an eBook is marginally cheaper than its physical version.

Though the eBooks from flipkart are delivered in a proprietary format and cannot be read on eBook readers other than flipkart’s own, it is a great move by flipkart and should be welcomed by bookworms in India. With the availability of apps across various other platforms, their eBook store should gain further popularity in India.

Saavn Adds English Music to its Catalogue

saavn logo

Popular online music streaming service Saavn has added English music to its catalogue. This will enable Indian listeners to stream popular English tracks on their devices or browsers using the saavn app or website. This is the 6th language Saavn has forayed into after Gujarat, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil & Telugu.

It is great news for Saavn users in India. This move is also expected to increase Saavn’s subscriber base in India as the only other way to stream English music in India was to somehow get services like Pandiora, Sotify & Rdio to work from Indian IP addresses.

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