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Train late but woke up early? PYKA Solves Your Travel Woes

Whenever I travel by train I often rely on my phone alarm to wake me up at the scheduled arrival time. If you know one thing about the Indian Railways, it’s never on time. There are a probably gazillion reasons for a train to be late despite having no real "traffic jams", but hey – it still happens. Ever woke up early even though the train was a couple of hours late? And all we do is curse the railways and wait.


Planning to buy a budget Android? Get HTC Desire for just 15,000!

HTC Desire for 15,000!

I’ll keep it as simple as possible. If you are planning to get an Android phone and your budget is 15k, put this HTC Desire from on the top of your wish list. You won’t find that combination of screen, processor, camera and build quality for that price.

HTC Desire for 15000!



Disclaimer: While the website says it belongs to Spice Group and looks genuine, do verify before you buy. We have never purchased anything from this website and it’s better to be safe when it comes to new online retailers.

Who needs an iPhone when you have god residing on your T-Series Bhakti Sagar mobile phone? [LOL]

Bhakti sagar phone t series

T-Series has launched a divine mobile phone in India. Called the Bhakti Sagar phone, this handset comes loaded with all kinds of bhakti apps that can literally kep you in bhakti mode 24×7. Isn’t that the ultimate mecca? The key features of the dual sim phone include:


Google Nexus S Now Available For Pre-order In India For 27,999

Flipkart Nexus S

Good news for all of you waiting desperately for Nexus S to be released in India. After all the rumors that Infibeam started were rendered baseless, the phone is now available on for pre-order. According to them, the phone will be available sometime in the first week of April. At INR 27,999 the price is pretty much similar to the International price.

Should you buy it? Well, if you are interested in a device that will be more frequently updated to the latest releases, you should. I did. And I must say it’s one of the better Android phones around.

How to make your Android look like Windows Phone 7?

When they say Android is the most customizable amongst popular Mobile Operating Systems, they aren’t lying. This should serve as a perfect proof.

Windows Phone 7 UI on Android

Developer Time Kujala, has come up with a an app for Android based phones that allows you replace your Android/custom launcher with something that looks and works just like Windows Phone 7!


Nokia E7 Gets A Price Cut Even Before Release, Now 29,999

Nokia E7 Pre-order for 29,999

When E7 was announced for a 35k pre-order price, people everywhere (including me) started whining and complaining. Apparently someone at Nokia did their reading homework and announced a major price-cut. The Nokia E7 is now available on pre-order for 29,999! While that’s still no cheap price to pay for this phone, it is definitely going to be a lucrative price for Nokia loyals. Also, this is possibly the lowest a Nokia Communicator device has been priced yet. It’s actually close to the price the phone will have after 4-5 months in the market.


Nokia E7 Available For Pre-Order At 35k [Overpriced Stock Clearance]

Nokia E7 Communicator

According to my expectations, Nokia’s E7 was supposed to launch in India by Q1-end for 32k INR. It’s coming by Q1 end for sure but to my disappointment, Nokia has priced the device higher than my expectations. The phone is available for pre-order but you have login to the website and pay an advance of 3000 INR. While Nokia hasn’t mentioned anything clearly, it may take up-to a month for the phone to actually reach you.


Samsung’s Galaxy Pro Android Phone Looks Like A Winner

Samsung Galaxy Pro

Samsung today announced the Galaxy Pro, the latest (and the most interesting) phone in their lineup of Android phones. The Galaxy Pro is a candybar phone with full QWERTY keyboard. The specs make me look like it will be joining the low budget Android lineup. The phone features an 800 MHz processor, 2.8 inch touch display a 3 Megapixel camera, WiFi and runs Android 2.2 Froyo.


Disney Mobile Opens The Cutest Mobile Phone Store Ever In Japan

Disney Tokyo Mobile Store

Remember we told you that Disney has a successful mobile phone division in Japan? They even launched a Disney Android smartphone recently. Turns out the business is a-boomin as now they have a opened a physical store in Tokyo!


LG Hoping To Sell More Optimus Ones Using Cricket World Cup Branding

In India (read cricket crazy nation), this new “Limited Edition” LG Optimus One with a Cricket World Cup 2011 engraved on the back will sell like hotcakes. The hardware on the phone wasn’t changed. It still misses the beloved Camera Flash and a D-Pad (more in our detailed review).


Oh did I mention you’ll also get some cricket applications (crap ware) pre-loaded on the phone, which you can’t uninstall without rooting the phone? If you’re cricket crazy and planning to buy an Android, there are only 1000  available across India. Good Luck getting one.

Our recommendation – Thumbs down. This phone is already a few months old now. Wait for the next LG Optimus series phone (There might be a budget LG Optimus series phone too).


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