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Order Delicacies from All Over India and Get Them Delivered to Your Home via

exoticabazaar logo is an online store where you can order famous delicacies (sweets or namkeen) from all over India. Once ordered, you get the mouth watering dishes delivered to your home in a few days. Exoticabazaar has tied up with a lot of famous vendors from all over India. Here are some of the most famous items:

  • Thaggu ke laddo from Kanpur
  • Panchi petha from Agra
  • Ram Chandra Sahai’s Nankhatai from Meerut
  • Bhakarwadi from Pune
  • Mysore Pak from Mysore
  • Brijwasi pede from Mathura
  • Banarsi kalakand (milk cake) from Alwar

The prices are more than the actual prices of these items in their respective cities. This is primarily because they have included the average courier charges from the respective points of origin.

The site takes payment via ccavenue which is secure and convenient. Once ordered, you get a confirmation email from ccavenue and exoticabazaar indicating about your order. Sadly, that is the only information you can get about your order as there is no order history or details section on the website (probably because there is no central warehouse for inventory).

I have tried the service a couple of times and they have always successfully delivered the food items within a week’s time. The items are fresh at the time of delivery. Hop on to to order your favorite delicacy now! Offers Handicrafts Products Online logo is a Noida based startup which offers authentic handicrafts for sale online. The site is one of a kind in India and aims to provide quality products with fantastic customer service.

Exclusivelane is also planning to start 24 hour delivery service within Delhi and will give you the products for free if they are not able to meet this deadline. This will also be first of a kind service by an ecommerce company in India.

exclusivelane clock

The online store offers a good collection of handicrafts in various categories in all price ranges. One can argue that the same item can probably be bought at a cheaper price in the market, however, will offer convenience to those who cannot (or do not want to) go to such markets. Plus, you always have an option to return any defective product without any hassle.

The site is offering free shipping across India and flat 15% off if you sign up now.

Use to Get Your Couriers Picked Up From Your Home

apnacourier logo is a new service which makes sending couriers super easy. All you need to do is log in to the website & book your courier. They will then request their courier partners to arrange for a pick up fro your door and deliver it to wherever it is supposed to go. Apnacourier has partnered with various courier agencies in India for this arrangement.

The best part is that you get to see the total courier charges on the website and pay the same in advance. You can use your credit card or net banking to pay for the courier charges. This ensures that the pick up is hassle free and you don’t have to worry about paying the courier guy.

We believe that Apnacourier has worked out bulk deals with various courier agencies which lets them offer reasonable rates to their customers. But the biggest advantage with the service is its simplicity and the convenience it offers.

I have tested the service and found it to be super smooth and totally hassle free. The payment process is simple and similar to most ecommerce sites in India. The only limitation I found was that you cannot send courier to many remote places in India. I believe this might be due to limited coverage area by their delivery partners.

The next time you have to send a courier, do give a try and let us know how it went for you. Will Change Your Vehicle’s Tyres at Your Home

tyre on wheels logo is a Delhi/NCR based startup which provides home delivery and installation of tyres for your vehicles. All you have to do is log on to the website and select your vehicle’s model, make & variant to select a set of tyros of your choice and they will be home delivered to you and installed by professional staff from the TyreOnWheels team.

The service is currently available only in Delhi/NCR and offers tyres for almost all 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler vehicles from all the brands in India.

So the next time you have to get your vehicle’s tyres replaced, do give this service a try.

[via NextBigWhat]

Be Cautious When Ordering from eCommerce Sites which do not have their Own Logistics


India is currently witnessing an eCommerce revolution where almost every other new startup company is trying to make it big in the eCommerce domain. While this is good and generates healthy competition, there are also companies who are just popping up in order to sell products. What’s wrong in that? Nothing. Except that that is not enough to make it big in this huge country. Lets start with a brief history.

There were players in the past, but the company that really made a dent in the domain is, undoubtedly, flipkart. They started by selling books and are now on the way of selling almost everything that can be sold. They used BluDart as their delivery partner initially, and then slowly rolled out their own logistic operations which enabled them to have much greater control on the whole buying process.

Others that made huge impact are myntra, jabong, letsbuy (bought and closed down by flipkart). I am sure there are many others. What is common in all of them is that they started their own logistic operations. You might wonder why this was so important. Lets have a look.

India is a very different market from the rest of the world. In addition to having a lot of people, its not as organized as the developed countries. Businesses do not spend on IT systems as much as their counterparts around the world. This is true for logistics companies as well. Even big companies like blu dart have average to poor tracking systems in place (compared to what fedex & UPS have around the world). This is where having your own logistics operations pays off for an eCommerce company. In addition to having greater control on the consignments, the company can offer value added services like COD, return collection etc. leading to more customer satisfaction.


Need to See a Doctor? Can Help You Find One Near You

helping doc logo is a new service operating in Delhi/NCR enabling users to find and book appointments with doctors in their area. The site has tie ups with most doctors in Delhi/NCR and offers a comprehensive list of doctors available in an area with their schedule, consultation fee and detailed profile. A quick search on the site will tell you there are a lot more doctors in your area than you ever thought!

The appointment process is detailed as follows:

  1. Find a suitable doctor near you.
  2. Look for the time slots available.
  3. Book a time slot as per your convenience.
  4. HelpingDoc will give you a call to confirm the appointment. They also call the doctor to confirm the appointment.
  5. In case there are any changes in the doctor’s schedule, HelpingDoc will inform you over the phone to reschedule the appointment or choose another doctor.
  6. In case you cancel/reschedule an appointment, they will also call you to take feedback and find out the reasons for the same.
Here is a (not very well narrated) short animated video explaining the service:

The service looks promising and covers most prominent doctors. The site is easy to use and gives you enough information to make a decision. It is extremely helpful in cases where you might want to get a second opinion.

We hope that all our readers stay healthy. But in case you do need to see a doctor sometime, is worth a shot.

Watch All of Steve Jobs’ Appearances at All Things D’s Conferences

steve jobs all things d

The world will always cherish Steve Jobs’ public appearances and his reality distortion field. Between 2003 & 2010, he made 6 appearances at the All Things D’s annual conferences. The videos are now available as free podcasts in iTunes. If you find his public appearances interesting, these are a must watch.

Head over to Steve Jobs at the D podcast to watch/download them.

Awesome Video Explaining How an Accelerometer Works

Check out this amazing video explaining how an accelerometer helps a smartphone know up from down:

Custom Duty Rates on Select Electronic Equipment in India

customs india

Have you ever wondered how much it might cost to get that gadget delivered from abroad to your address in India? I have tried to Google for custom duties levied on various stuff if I get them delivered in India, but could not find any definitive information. A few days ago, I got the following information from a company which offers services to buy stuff abroad and get it delivered to your address in India. The following list contains approximate custom duty rates for various gadgets and electronic items.

Please note that the list is for information only. We are not responsible for any error in the information.


A Day In The Internet

Did you know that in a day Facebook gets over 500 million status updates?! Check this infographic that shows such awesome stats about a day in the Internet. If you are a fan of sheer huge numbers, you’d love this.


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