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Satya Nadella is Microsoft’s 3rd CEO

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Putting an end to the speculations, Microsoft has announced that Satya Nadella will be the 3rd CEO of the company succeeding Steve Ballmer.

satya nadella

Satya, born in Hyderabad, India is 46 years old and feels honored, humbled and excited with his new role. He has spent 22 years at Microsoft and feels that Microsoft has talent, resources and perseverance – everything that is required for a company to change the world.

Here is Satya’s first interview as the CEO:

Watch this Amazing Xbox One Launch Ad

xbox one

Microsoft’s Xbox One team has done an amazing job with this launch ad that we feel you should definitely see. It portrays the purpose of the device in the most awesome way in our opinion:

How Microsoft plans to enhance Copy/Paste experience in Windows 8

This may not be the most important news and may never be really advertised but this is something that impressed me quite a lot about Windows 8. This time around Microsoft is actually improving the most basic things that affect your day to day computer usage.

Every geeky Windows user I know uses something like TeraCopy or FastCopy to manage big file copy operations in Windows. These plug-ins provide you more control and a better UI and are especially helpful in copying large file in between devices. The good news is that Microsoft themselves is building some of this functionality into the OS so it is available to everyone.

Now all the copy operations are combined and showed in a single window.You don’t have to Alt-Tab and reach the right progress dialog box when you are copying multiple files. In addition to this, every operation has a pause button associated with it. If you are copying 2 things in parallel, pausing one will obviously finish up the other one faster.



Microsoft Tells You Why Gmail Is Bad [Video]

People have always had wondered whether letting Google read your personal email so they can show ads based on the content is a good idea. If you have had similar doubts Microsoft is hoping to escalate them to new levels using their new Office 365 campaign.

The catch phrase is kinda true, “Your email is your business. Google makes it theirs.”

If you don’t have any clue about what this is all about, you definitely need to see this video.

[ZDNet via Gruber]

How to make your Android look like Windows Phone 7?

When they say Android is the most customizable amongst popular Mobile Operating Systems, they aren’t lying. This should serve as a perfect proof.

Windows Phone 7 UI on Android

Developer Time Kujala, has come up with a an app for Android based phones that allows you replace your Android/custom launcher with something that looks and works just like Windows Phone 7!


Can I Use My Zune As A Totem? [Inception Joke]

Just bear with this and no more poking fun at Zune then. We promise.


Kinect Becomes Skynet, Destroys The World [Humor]

Isaac Asimov developed the 3 Laws of Robotics for nothing. This video is a proof of what could happen when an unsuspecting software programmer develops a self-aware computer program that’s connected to the internet (has wealth of information) eventually moves on to destroying the world.


I’ll leave saving the day to John Connor, while you enjoy this humorous video in which an XBOX Kinect programmed to be self-aware evaluates that it’s creator (the developer) is worthless to eliminate him and hacks into the US Govt’s database to steal the launch codes and eventually uses the nukes to destroy the world.


Microsoft (finally) officially killing Zune


Ever heard of Zune? Its Microsoft’s MP3 player. No, not Microsoft’s iPod, MP3 player. And one that sucks big time. To prove how much it sucks, might I quote that it was awarded one of the ugliest product in tech history by PC world in addition to only having around 1% of market share (compared to 77% of Apple’s iPod).

Microsoft has been trying hard to keep Zune alive for years now. However, all their attempts have failed.

Finally, according to Bloomberg, Microsoft is pulling the plug for Zune. They will not be releasing any new models now and will continue selling the existing version only.

[Bloomberg via 9to5mac]

[Image via]

A Journey of Upgrades from Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 [Video]

Ever thought what will happen if you install Windows 1.0 and then upgrade it through the series of Windows releases right upto Windows 7? If you asked me before, I’d say it just won’t work. But actually, it does!

TheRasteri did the same and uploaded the video of the experiment on YouTube. One of the surprising discoveries was that the lots of settings were maintained right from Windows 1.0 to Windows 7!


PS: The video is missing an infamous Windows version that I used for quite some time back in school.

[via TNW]

Bing App does Everything and More; Works Best on iPhone

Microsoft is advertising their Bing app that pretty much seems to do everything. What’s surprising is that the video shows the Bing app running on an iPhone and not a Windows 7 Phone. What’s even more surprising is that the iPhone app seems to have more features than the Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone version of the app.

I hate the advertisement but the app looks pretty darn good! Microsoft doesn’t sound so bad these days. Something is definitely not right.


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