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Fix iCloud Duplicate Notes Issues in Mountain Lion

UPDATE: Please be very sure to backup the notes file before you do this and be sure this is only used on Mountain Lion.

Ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion, I’ve been facing an issue where in I see multiple copies of every single Note in Initially I thought it might be due to multiple Notes accounts being synced but turned out it was some bug in iCloud that creates multiple duplicate copies of the synced account.

Thankfully, this has a rather straightforward fix (Courtesy: NSLog).

  • Open your favorite Terminal. (If that sounded weird, just open /Applications/Utilities/
  • Quit
  • Enter ‘rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/’ without the quotes.
  • Done.

This clears up the Notes synced to your Mac and on the next start will download new copies with no duplicates!

OS X Mountain Lion is Coming this Summer

OS X Mountain Lion Logo

It looks like Apple can never run out of surprises for us. When the whole world is busy speculating on rumors around iPad 3, Apple announced that the next version of their OS X, Mountain Lion is coming this Summer. If Lion was 1st base between iOS & OS X, Mountain Lion is pretty close to the 3rd base with things like iMessages, Reminders, Notes, Notification Center, Airplay Mirroring, Sharing Sheets & Game Center baked right into it.

Lets have a glimpse of the touted features:


Make Your MacBook Hibernate Instead of Sleep [Lion/Snow Leopard]

By default, MacBooks are configured to sleep when you close the lids. This means it shuts down everything but provides little bit of power to the RAM so that the state is maintained as is. Once you open the lid, everything is restored as is. In case you leave your laptop for long and the battery runs out fully, the Macbook automagically stores all the state to the hard disk so that nothing gets lost. Even if you connect it to power after a week everything just works, including open windows, typed text and running processes.

While this works very well if you use your MacBook all the time and charge it regularly, it makes things difficult if you take it out only once in a while. The reason is that this eats battery . So imagine you use your laptop for 15 minutes and close the lid. But the next time you open it battery would have almost run down and you need to charge it again. If it instead had a Windows like hibernate mode, the battery life would be maintained despite the amount of gap between usages.


Reeder for mac is as good as Google Reader can get

reeder for mac

Apple should totally hire Silvio Rizzi. The guy knows UI in and out. As is evident from his super simple yet awesome website, he pays a lot of attention to detail. I have been using reeder for iPad since the last few months now. Its arguably one of the best ways to access Google reader on your iPad. I recently bought the mac OS X reeder app optimized for Lion and have totally fallen in love with it.

The app has a slick user interface with only icons (no text) which might take a little time to get used to. But once you do, you will never want to go back to the web interface. All your feeds are presented beautifully in a full screen app with gorgeous animations and a plethora of options.


Accessing The Hidden Dock from Full Screen Apps [OS X Lion]

I keep the Dock on my Macbook hidden towards the left side of my screen. It shows up whenever I take my mouse in the right (left?) place. It’s an almost essential trick to save screen space if you have one of the smaller laptops. But when I switched to Lion last week I realized that this approach didn’t work so well with Full Screen apps. The Dock doesn’t show up automatically when you take your cursor in the right spot. In practice, this meant that every time I wanted to bring up the Dock, I had to goto a normal Desktop or Mission Control. No doubt this irked me. (more…)

The new OS X Lion Dictionary [Tips]

Amongst the over 250 new features in Mac OS X Lion, one that I may end up using a lot is the new system-wide dictionary. So while Snow Leopard had a dictionary that could be called anytime anywhere but it was not really apparent. The shortcut was mostly unknown and sorta obscure and it just didn’t work flawlessly everywhere.

In Lion, that has been improved. Now the dictionary works across the OS, flaunts a much neater UI and has  a cool new multitouch gesture that will eventually make more people use it.


How Not To Quit Google Chrome by Accident on Mac?

Prevent Google Chrome Quit by Accident

I have always had a pet peeve against Google Chrome on Mac. If I press Command + Q, it just quits without warning. In many cases this makes me lose application state or text that I typed.

If you’ve had the same problem, I have good news for you. The latest version of Google Chrome (10) includes a solution for this. It’s not enabled by default though. Here is how to do it:

Enable Mac Like Expose for Tabs in Google Chrome

Chrome Expose Tabs

Ever since I switched to Mac, I find it natural to use Expose for most of the Window management. It’s just faster and more convenient than Alt-Tab/Cmd-Tab when you have more than 3-4 windows open. Sadly, most browsers still primarily rely on the old way for tab-switching.


“BlackHole RAT” Is A New Beta Trojan For Mac OS X [Yes, Beta]

Are you missing all those Trojans ever since you moved from Windows to Mac? Do you secretly want unexpected things to happen to your Mac like they did on Windows? Well, someone is working on that. And he says, “I know, most people think Macs can’t be infected, but look, you ARE Infected!”

Sophos reported that a Trojan for Mac OS X has now entered beta. The Trojan has been named “OSX/MusMinim-A” by Sophos but the author calls it as “BlackHole RAT”. According to the author it is still in beta and the malware itself proclaims so by saying, “I’m a very new Virus, under Development, so there will be much more functions when im finished.”


Boom! Take your Mac’s volume to the next level


Have you ever wanted to watch a movie on your Mac sitting or lying down far from its screen but couldn’t because you can’t hear it from a distance? Have you ever come across a youtube video with volume so low that you can only listen to the sound if you sit inside your Mac’s speakers? Then Boom is for you.


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