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Love thy Poop Phone [LOL]

Worst Mobile Phone Name Ever. Or maybe it’s some kinda Japanese ahem thing.

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The First Venn Diagram [LOL]

[Thanks @jaasti]

How Android/iPhone/BlackBerry users see each other [Comic]

We all know that all the smartphone fanboys look down upon the other. This comic is pretty accurate in describing the real feelings.

Being an iPhone and an Android user, I can at least assert the view towards BlackBerry users 🙂

[via C-Section Comics]

Google Wave for the Tarantino fan [NSFW]

Have you ever been asked what Google Wave is? It’s hard to explain. Really, really hard.

What you should do from now on is to show people this “Pulp Fiction adapted for Google Wave” video. It helped me. It helped Gizmodo’s John Herrman. I am sure it’ll help any Tarantino fan 🙂

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Still waiting for a Google Wave invite? Try your luck here.

Michael Dell indirectly reveals bitter truth about Windows 7

At a recently held Silicon Valley dinner, Michael Dell revealed a bitter truth about the upcoming Windows 7 operating system:

"I’ve been using Windows 7 for a long time now, and if you get the latest processor technology and Office 2010 with it, you will love your PC again."

Does this mean that if I do not have the latest processor technology (and apparently, Office 2010) and install Windows 7, I would hate my PC?

Moreover, I am not sure how many users would be willing to upgrade to the “latest processor technology” (whatever that means) to upgrade to the successor of the biggest tech failure of the past decade.

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Google Suggests that Obama is..

Here’s another one of those weird and funny Google suggestions that appear in the Google search.

Obama is

It surely says that Google Suggest is not yet totally ready for “prime time”, but yes it is surely helpful in its own ways.

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Another reason to stop using Hotmail

I don’t know anyone who has used Hotmail in years. But if you are still amongst the few who use it, here is Reason #461 not to do so.

Neowin reports that some anonymous user posted details, including passwords, of thousands of users accounts with, and Ars Technica says the list included usernames starting from “ar” to “bl”.

So if you have a Hotmail account, go change your password or better, abandon it. Meanwhile I’ll try to get hold of the list and find Avril Lavigne’s hotmail password 😉

[via – Lifehacker]

Thief forgets to log off from facebook during robbery, arrested [LOL]

Consider this:

You are robbing a house. You see a computer and cannot resist the temptation to check your facebook account. You open your facebook account on this computer and, apparently, forget to log off.

You’d think its silly, however, it isn’t if you are Jonathan Parker. The guy was arrested later.

Read more on Mashable.

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Colgate’s weird advertising strategy [LOL]

Colgate has taken up a weird advertising campaign in Bangkok. Take a look at it for yourself. It is kind of intelligent and foolish at the same time:


[Via Gizmodo]

Can Wolfram Alpha sing?

It got confused when I asked.


It told me it can’t dance though.

More Wolfram|Alpha Easter Eggs @ Mashable

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