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Kinect Becomes Skynet, Destroys The World [Humor]

Isaac Asimov developed the 3 Laws of Robotics for nothing. This video is a proof of what could happen when an unsuspecting software programmer develops a self-aware computer program that’s connected to the internet (has wealth of information) eventually moves on to destroying the world.


I’ll leave saving the day to John Connor, while you enjoy this humorous video in which an XBOX Kinect programmed to be self-aware evaluates that it’s creator (the developer) is worthless to eliminate him and hacks into the US Govt’s database to steal the launch codes and eventually uses the nukes to destroy the world.


Facebook Like & Unlike buttons available as rubber stamps

image image

This is probably the coolest thing I might have seen in recent times. Rubber stamps (you know, the kind of stamps used by government officials) are now available in the form of Facebook Like & Unlike buttons. Imagine that you submit an application to a government agency and when its accepted, you get a copy with the “Like” button stamped. Cool eh?

Want them? Head over to

[via Digital Inspiration]

Server attention span [xkcd comic]

If you have ever accessed any website with a mobile friendly interface over a smartphone, you would totally agree with today’s xkcd comic strip:

They have to keep the adjacent rack units empty. Otherwise, half the entries in their /var/log/syslog are just 'SERVER BELOW TRYING TO START CONVERSATION *AGAIN*.' and 'WISH THEY'D STOP GIVING HIM SO MUCH COFFEE IT SPLATTERS EVERYWHERE.'

Although there are a few websites like this where you won’t have to face this problem.

[via xkcd]

AXIS Bank Lets You Trade From Anywhere, Even An iPod Classic [LOL]

So I got this email from AXIS Bank today advertising their online trading platform called AXIS Direct. What caught my attention was a picture of iPod Classic (the old non-touch plain vanilla one). I thought that maybe they are giving away free iPods!

AXIS Direct, Trade from Anywhere


James Franco Looking At His iPhone While Hosting Oscars

Apparently James Franco was more interested in checking out something on his iPhone rather than concentrating on his job as the host of the 2011 Academy Awards 🙂

James Franco & Anne Hathaway, Oscars 2011

If I did that you’d call me as a dork tell me to get a life. Tell him that now!

[via Gizmodo]

The 7 Different Types Of iPhone Users

Sure we all know that iPhone appeals to variety of users. This infographic depicts the 7 most obvious types of iPhone users.


Arguably The Best Advertisement From A Web Hosting Company [Videos]

There are so many reasons this ad deserves a look. One, it’s a TV advertisement by a Indian Web Hosting/Domain Registration company. Two, not only is it funny, the acting and direction are surprisingly good. Three, it is catchy enough to make you open the website and look what BigRock is.


An iPhone Can Intrigue Anyone, Including Dogs [LOL]

I’m sure I haven’t seen anyone this intrigued by an iPhone. Ever.

[via GawkerTV]

Sergey Brin When He Looked Like A Drag Queen [LOL]

Sergey Brin had a life before he was Google’s Sergey Brin. We won’t say it was the best for him. But your opinion may vary.

Sergey Brin Drag Queen

UPDATE: In case you are wondering if this image is fake, it’s sourced from Sergey’s own Standford web account.

[TNW via Hacker News]

Brand Name Comedy by BBC Comedians [Video]

The BBC comedians have a great video where they make fun of each of the brands and link well known "problems" with them. Watch the video below.

Referred in this video are Apple, Blackberry, Orange and X-Box.

That’s the best video that I’ve seen today. "Eggs-Box 360", that cracked me up!

[Via Engadget, BBC]

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