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Awesome Hilarious Siri Commercial Spoof [LOL]

The Siri jokes just keep coming. Check out this super hilarious one (NSFW):

[via Collegehumor]

Hilarious video on Google Plus by College Humor

Sick and tired of big internet companies competing with each other in the social networking space? Watch the following video and you will totally relate to the (hilarious) sentiments of the creators:

[via TIA]

Twitter is faster than earthquakes


Everyone knows how people around the world use twitter during times of crisis (natural or man made) to get their message across the world. Well, twitter has milked on this fact and released the following very smart and ROFLy ad:

Pretty opportunistic marketing I should say.

So Do You *Really* Know What Cloud Computing Is? [Hilarious Hindi Video]

Remember how Microsoft Windows used to come in CDs? Have you seen Google Search CD?
Of course, you haven’t. That’s because it’s a Cloud CD. Watch this video for a detailed explanation.

It’s Pure Magic. Except when it rains.

Thanks @Deepak!

We’ve received concern about the fact that the speaker was an honest and knowledgeable person in his stint as an IT Commissioner and this video doesn’t do good to his reputation.

While we agree that the speaker was honest and an expert in his field but we don’t think it’s acceptable for anyone to spread incorrect information that makes naive people doubt technology and it’s role in improving our lives.

You can watch the complete video and decide on your own.

The worst 3G advertisement ever

Idea has released what is probably the worst 3G advertisement ever. Here, see it for yourself:

I simply cannot believe that anyone would procrastinate having sex to access 3G internet. This is so lame and total BS. I used to admire Idea ads. Not anymore.

Sega wants you to control a video game with your pee! [LOL + WTF]

Sega toylet

There is really no end to bizzare ideas in this world. Video game giant SEGA is launching a video game which will be installed in toilets (gents I presume) and will let you control the game with your pee! Aptly named “Toylet“, the game hardware (installed in the urinal, BTW) senses the pressure & speed of your pee, thereby controlling the volume of the pee in the game. I am guessing the more you pee, the more you win.

Here is what sega has to say:a

First, an infrared sensor detects when a person approaches, and changes the screen to the game ready display. Next, microwaves hit the stream of urine when the person urinates, and it reads the reflected microwaves to detect the speed of the urine stream. The volume is then calculated by the speed and duration of the urination.

Hit the jump for a quick video!


Who needs an iPhone when you have god residing on your T-Series Bhakti Sagar mobile phone? [LOL]

Bhakti sagar phone t series

T-Series has launched a divine mobile phone in India. Called the Bhakti Sagar phone, this handset comes loaded with all kinds of bhakti apps that can literally kep you in bhakti mode 24×7. Isn’t that the ultimate mecca? The key features of the dual sim phone include:


Joy of Tech takes one on the Microsoft Skype deal [LOL]

Here is what Joy of Tech has to say on the recently announced Microsoft & Skype deal. All we can say is ROFL:

Microsoft skype humor
[via JoT]

Logo Fun

Here is something I found in the humor section of my feeds. Pretty funny, yet true:

Youtube logo fun


Can I Use My Zune As A Totem? [Inception Joke]

Just bear with this and no more poking fun at Zune then. We promise.


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