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Facebook (finally) launches iPad app

iPad Screenshot 1

Facebook has finally launched their much anticipated iPad app [App Store Link]. Millions of iPad users have been complaining about the lack of a native official iPad app because of which they had to use third party options. The iPad app utilizes the extra screen real estate on the iPad to give an awesome Facebook experience.

Here are some screenshots:


iPad vs. Windows 8 [video]

Windows 8 is generating a lot of news these days. With the beta developer preview version out there to be grabbed by anyone who would dare, it has gotten some good reviews from analysts. Here is a quick video of how the OS performs against the king of the tablets (Caution: long view):

Review and Giveaway: UniQXcess remote access app for iPad

uniqxcess ipad

If you have an iPad and are usually on the move with it, you might have faced a situation where you wanted to access a file on your PC back home. The folks at LiniQue have developed an iPad app which can help you in such situations. UniQXcess is a $2.99 iPad app which, coupled with a free PC based server software running on your computer back home can let you access any file you have shared on your iPad anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

The app works as follows:


Doodle Jump for iPad now available on the App Store


Doodle Jump set record sales when it was launched on the app store for the iPhone. When the iPad was launched, even though the game ran pretty well in emulation mode, people demanded the developers to launch a native iPad version which utilizes the large screen of the iPad. After more than a year of waiting, its finally here.

doodle jump ipad

The insanely addictive game is available for $2.99 on the App Store.

[via TUAW]

Indian Members of Parliament (MPs) are getting iPads from taxpayers money [WTF]

ipad fail

In a nation which is challenged with issues like poverty, education, corruption and many more, the government seems to be paying no heed to citizens’ needs. The government of India has approved to reimburse the MPs in India unto INR 50,000 for iPad or a Samsung Galaxy tab. Ideally I would not have issue with such a move and will probably appreciate the gesture. But I have been to government offices and assume that the MPs must be having laptops or desktops to work on. However, they are probably eating dust somewhere in the corner of their offices. Instead of distributing more gadgets, the government should first make sure that the MPs use whatever they have been allocated currently.

The biggest disappointment is that this money will come from the tax which honest citizens pay. And now the money will be used by these MPs to play angry birds on their iPads.

I have no issues with the MPs having iPads. But first, they should make sure that citizens’ needs are met. Needs like good road infrastructure, scholarship for underprivileged students, computers in schools… the list goes on.

[PluggdIn via IBN]

Apple’s new iPad ad “We’ll always”

apple logo

Apple has released a new iPad ad which emphasises the same message I tried to convey in my post last year after Apple unveiled the first iPad:

We’ll never stop sharing our memories. Or getting lost in a good book. We’ll always cook dinner and cheer for our favorite team. We’ll still go to meetings, make home movies, and learn new things. But how we do all this will never be the same.

Here is the video:

Play carrom on your iPad


Remember Carrom? The game you probably used to play when you were a kid? Well, you might have forgotten about the game, but Geodesic Limited has not. They have made a totally awesome iPad game that is super fun to play. The game features pretty nice physics and graphics and is multiplayer enabled (local, not game center).

From the developer:

CarromMP – A multiplayer table-top board game full of fun, frolic and precision
Carom MP is a multiplayer tabletop game that can be played solo, one-on-one or doubles. Challenge a friend or form teams to play a match. Carom MP adheres to international rules and guidelines and is easy to use. Carom MP features real-life physics movements, complete control over direction and power and a scoring system that lets you play hours of gameplay. Carom today is amongst the world’s favorite indoor games enjoyed amongst friends and families. Believed to have its origin in India, Carom, Karum, Fatta (Punjab) is played in more than 25 countries.

The game is free! So go ahead, download it from here.

The iPad 2 magic video

We found out this super cool iPad 2 magic video. Totally worth checking out:


[via TechCrunch]

A Cat and Her iPad [Video]

So is your cat jealous of you because you got an iPad 2? Here is a how to share the fun – Go to the App Store and download Paint for Cats for iPad.

The app starts with a blank screen and mouse running around. Your cat will, of course, chase the mouse and try to snap him and in the process leave her paw marks which, to your cat-friendly eyes, may look nothing short of a masterpiece from Picasso.

Best $1.99 I ever spent for my cat. Ever.

Apple’s new iPad ad – It’s just getting started

Apple has released another one of their beautifully made ads for the iPad 2. Here see it for yourself:


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