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Meet the new iPad Pro


There was no surprise when Apple launched a bigger iPad at its press event on September 9th. There have been several leaks suggesting that Apple was working on an iPad with a screen as big as a laptop. The iPad Pro, as Apple is calling it, is, for the lack of a better descriptor, almost a laptop. Here are the specs:

  • 12.9 inch screen.
  • A9X chip with embedded M9 co-processor and a new memory architecture.
  • 8 megapixel iSight camera and 1.2 megapixel FaceTime HD camera.
  • Dual microphones.
  • Apple SIM.
  • Four speaker audio.
  • Apple Keyboard and Pencil support

This new iPad is aimed at serious professional work. With the fastest processor and advances in the display, the iPad Pro is aimed at professionals who are looking for an optimal balance of productivity and portability. With the Apple Pencil and the keyboard, Apple deviates from its long term stand of using fingers as the only way to interact with its touch screen devices.  This shows that they are willing to prove themselves wrong in order to deliver what the consumers want (and make lots of money).

We are yet to see what professionals think about the Apple Pencil and the keyboard, but they seem great from the first look. Here is a video showing the Apple Pencil in action:

How to set the Home and Work Location in Google Now Accurately.

Google Maps allows us to select a Home and Work location for quick use to determine Directions and for use in Google Now too .

Here’s how to set the location.

  1. Open Google Maps on your Android or iOS device
  2. Click on the “Person” icon on the top right
  3. You’ll be displayed a screen to enter/edit the Home and Work address
  4. Long press the Home/Work fields to open the edit page and type in the building name or the complete address.
  5. Select the suggestion provided by Google and Voila! you have selected a Home address..


Why is Apple Still Selling the iPad 2?

iPad 2

Apple launched 2 new iPads at their event on 22nd October 2013. An obvious question that popped in everyone’s mind after the event was why are they still selling the iPad 2 even when its 3 generation behind the current one. Why have they discontinued the (relatively) newer generation models of the iPad and still keeping one that is more than 2 years old? What is more surprising is the fact that it is being sold at the same price as the new iPad mini with the retina display ($399). Considering the much faster specs of the iPad mini and retina display, it is difficult to fathom why anyone would like to buy the iPad 2 at the same price.

The answer is simple: Education & Corporate customers. iPad 2 was a huge success owing to the great response received by the iPad. So much so that many educational, healthcare and corporate institutions jumped up to deploy iPads in their ecosystem. Many government institution also sanctioned iPads in government schools and offices.

Now these bulk orders, especially the ones coming from government organization have a lengthy process before the procurement can be done. Typically, tenders are invited from vendors and then after many approvals, procurement is done. Any change in the product needs to go through the same process again.

This is probably why Apple is keeping the iPad 2 running. There are probably many educational, government and corporate orders running which need iPad 2 to be procured in bulk. Until these contracts are renewed for a newer version of the iPad, Apple will most likely continue selling the iPad 2.

Another set of customers this might cater to is the customers on a tight budget who prefer big screen over any other spec in the device. These customer will most likely prefer to buy the iPad 2 over iPad mini just because of its larger screen because they don’t care about how fast the device runs. They just need the tablet with the largest screen.

Apple Launches iPad Air & iPad Mini with Retina Display

ipad air

Apple launched the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display at their press event on October 22, 2013. The iPad Air is the new flagship model in the iPad line which boasts some very impressive specs:

  • A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor
  • FaceTime HD camera
  • 5 MP iSight camera
  • 1080p video recording
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Weight: 1 pound

What is impressive is that Apple has managed to juice up the power, reduce the size & weight and still maintain a 10 hours battery life. The new iPad follows the form factor of the iPad Mini with thinner bezel on the sides. The name air comes from the incredible light weight of the device. The iPad Air is priced at the same price points as the previous generation iPad.

ipad mini with retina display

Apple also announced the iPad Mini with retina display at the event. According to Tim Cook, retina display was the most demanded feature in the iPad Mini from their customers. The new iPad Mini packs exactly the same features as the iPad Air and differs just in size and weight. The iPad Mini weighs at an impressive 0.73 pounds making it extremely light. It is kept at a starting price of $399 for the 16GB WiFi only model.

What was surprising was the fact that the mini is now as powerful as the air. In other words, the iPad Mini upgrade has skipped a generation. It was previously powered by the A5 processor and has now jumped to A7, skilling the A6 family. It also boasts of all the features of iPad Air. So it is basically just about your personal preference now. I personally prefer the iPad Mini just because of it small, yet extremely appropriate size. With the same battery life and the amazing retina display, it will be very difficult to choose one out of the two for many people.

Apple is also continuing the iPad Mini without the retina display at a starting price of $299. Apparently, iPad 2 also lives on with a starting price of $399.

No word yet on India launch and prices. We will keep you posted. Stay tuned.

Trade in Your Old Tablet When You Buy an iPad in India

ipad exchange india

Apple is gearing up its marketing and promotion schemes in India. After a successful smartphone exchange program (which, like everything else, was copied by Samsung), Apple is now offering to trade your old tablet (including your old iPads) when you buy a new iPad in India.

Under the exchange program, customer will get a minimum of INR 4000 when they bring their old tablets. Additional value is given to old iPads over other tablets.

Here is what you can expect from your old tablet:

Tablet Value
All tablets except iPad INR 4000
iPad 1 3G INR 5500
iPad 2 WiFi INR 7000
iPad 2 3G INR 9000
iPad 3 WiFi INR 9500
iPad 3 3G INR 11500

[via BGR India]

How To Get Back Google Maps Experience on iOS6 (iPhone/iPad)

Apple dug it’s own hole by replacing the much Beautiful Google Maps with its crappy Apple Maps (powered by TomTom) on iOS6 – There I said it.

The sheer disaster is very obvious from the tweets all over the world. Some of the non-techies woke up with a surprise with the features that they lost like public transit details/biking/walking directions etc which were replaced with a less-used Fly over maps (Again just for the US).

Here’s a comparison between how it was (Google Maps), and how Apple Maps (with no data). It’s almost as if the whole area has been demolished over night by Apple destruction crew. Our only hope is that Google comes back to the rescue of the poor (not $ wise) iOS6 users.

Google Maps (Before)

Apple Maps (After)

Photo 20-09-12 12 35 27 PM Photo 20-09-12 12 35 42 PM

Here are two ways to get back Google Maps that we’ve tried out.


The new iPad to be Launched in India on April 27, 2012 at a Starting Price of INR 30,500

ipad Logo

The new iPad with the awesome retina display and quad core graphics will be available in India on April 27, 2012 at a starting price of INR 30,500 says Apple India’s website. It will be available at all apple authorized resellers. As per the press release, the prices of all the models will be as follows:

WiFi only:

16GB: INR 30,500

32GB: INR 36,500

64GB: INR 42,500

WiFi + 4G:

16GB: INR 38,900

32GB: INR 44,900

64GB: INR 50,900

The iPad 2 will be available at a lower price of INR 24,500 for 16GB WiFi only model and INR 32,900 for 16GB WiFi + 3G model. Following the trend worldwide, the 32GB and 64GB models of the iPad 2 will be discontinued.

[via Apple PR & BGR India]

iPad 2 Price Dropped in India


PluggdIn is reporting that Apple has dropped the price os iPad 2 in India. The 16GB WiFi only model will now sell at INR 24,500 and the 16GB WiFi + 3G model is available at INR 32,900 (down from INR 36,900). No word on availability and price of the new iPad.

[via PluggdIn]

The new iPad with Retina Display is Here

ipad Logo

Apple unveiled the new iPad yesterday night (Yes, it is called the new iPad and not iPad 3 or iPad HD). In addition to getting the much rumored retina display, the new iPad also boasts of a quad core A5X processor with groundbreaking graphics capabilities built in, a 5MP iSight camera and 4G LTE support. It is also a tad thicker and heavier than the iPad 2.

Lets take a quick look at the new features:

retina risplay

The new iPad features Apple’s awesome retina display which packs so much pixels in one inch that it is impossible for the human eye to distinguish them individually. The result is a stunningly sharp display which just blows away every other screen you might have seen till date. The new iPad’s retina display has a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels which is a million pixels higher than the 1920×1080 resolution of Full HD TVs available in the market.


Awesome video of pets playing with the iPad

Here is another use for the iPad (entertaining your pets):

Seriously, do we need another reason to buy this thing?

[via TIA]

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