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The World without Internet [Infographic]

Ever wondered how the world would’ve been without? No email, no websites, no twitter, no facebook, no live scores anywhere, heck most likely not even the job you’re doing right now.

Look at the infographic ahead to see how different the things could’ve been.


ZAPstore – No Fuss Instant Discounts On Gadgets (Review)

With new online shopping websites spawning up every week, do we need another one?

Yes, we’re in the middle of online shopping/ecommerce evolution in India. More choice promotes competition among the sellers to offer discounted products with a good shopping experience. That makes the consumer a winner (of course these companies make good profits too).

So how’s ZAPstore any different? Is it one of those websites that just sells gadgets or something more? Here’s a review.


Dear Google, Y U Spam My Search Results?

I use Google search a gazillion times a day and love how Google search evolved over the years.. ahem.. Social Search. While I am totally fine with the idea of Search "Featured Ads" as Google’s primary source of money, I am not okay with them tweaking the actual search results for money.



Watch Indian Television Shows on YouTube

YouTube Logo

YouTube India has partnered with Indian Television Channels to bring Indian TV shows online. Now viewers can catch up the shows they might have missed by going to YouTube currently has 19000 episodes worth of content available to be watched online. This is a breakthrough in Indian television industry and follows the global trend of TV channels making their shows available for streaming online after they have aired.

The TV shows can be watched on a computer or any device capable of playing youtube videos. I could watch the shows on my iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and even on the YouTube app on my LG smart TV. Some of the shows are available in 720p HD quality and look pretty good on the big screen.

It is a great step forward for the entertainment industry in India. Hopefully, the internet pipes in India will also grow as more such services are available online.

Facebook files for US$ 5 billion IPO


Facebook has filed for an IPO of US$ 5 billion. The whole process is expected to make many Facebook employees millionaires.

In his letter to the SEC, Mark Zuckerberg states that Facebook was not created to be a company, but to serve the “social mission” of making the world more open and connected and that they hope to strengthen how people relate to each other.

Facebook has more than 800 million active users and caters to 2.7 billion likes & comments every day. It is also the most popular photo sharing site on the web with 250 million photos uploaded everyday.

The full text of Zuckerberg’s letter can be found here & other artifacts can be found here.

Now search for flights using iXiGo on Facebook & Twitter

ixigo logo

Gurgaon based iXiGO travel search engine has launched an innovative way to search for flights on Facebook & Twitter. All you have to do is visit their Facebook page at and post your query on the wall. For example- “Delhi to Bangalore on 14th Feb”. Within seconds, iXiGo will reply to your wall post with the cheapest flight options for your query.

Twitter search works the same way where you have to send a public message addressed to @iXiGOsearch followed by your query and you will get a public reply within seconds from the same account.

Socially searching for flights is probably the first of its kind with this approach and iXiGO seems to have implemented it pretty well with their natural language processor understanding different kinds of queries accurately. Its a lot of fun and a must try.

[via PluffdIn]

IRCTC launches mobile ticketing website to book rail tickets on your phone, plans to launch mobile apps soon


It looks like IRCTC is all set to revolutionize online railway ticket booking all over again in India. This time, they have launched a mobile optimized site which users can access on their smartphones to book railway tickets on the go.

The new site which is available at can be used to:

  1. Book tickets
  2. Cancel tickets
  3. Check booking history

Unfortunately, the site is very basic in nature currently with no autocomplete for station names and no calendar popups for date entry. Also, the payment options are pretty limited at this time. However, all this should be improved in near future given that the site is currently in Beta. Also, things should be a lot better with the native mobile apps which they plan to launch in future.

[via MediaNama]

Facebook (finally) launches iPad app

iPad Screenshot 1

Facebook has finally launched their much anticipated iPad app [App Store Link]. Millions of iPad users have been complaining about the lack of a native official iPad app because of which they had to use third party options. The iPad app utilizes the extra screen real estate on the iPad to give an awesome Facebook experience.

Here are some screenshots:


Hilarious video on Google Plus by College Humor

Sick and tired of big internet companies competing with each other in the social networking space? Watch the following video and you will totally relate to the (hilarious) sentiments of the creators:

[via TIA]

An Awesome Compilation of Bollywood Covers of Popular Western Songs

We all know how our music directors get inspirations all the time. It was about time that someone compiled all of these inspired songs. Bollywood Cover Songs developed by Gaurav Oberoi does that pretty darn well. As it’s apparent from the name, in the spirit of decency, they call the Bollywood version a cover instead of blaming the music directors of stealing.


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