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Mukesh Ambani Unveils Jio Plans & Launch Date, Intends to Change the Telecom Industry Structure in India

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Jio – the much hyped about network from Mukesh Ambani and his son is all set to change the structure of the telecom industry in India. At the 42nd Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani unveiled the launch dates and the tariff plans for Jio and declared a war on the current telecommunication companies in India.

Jio plans to start its services from September 5th 2016 and a commercial launch on December 31st 2016 (which means all users can enjoy their services for free until the commercial launch). Here are their tariff plans:

jio tariffs 2016

Some key points:

Free Voice

Mukesh Ambani believes that telcos should either charge for voice or data (not both). Based on this principle, Jio will only be charging its customers for the data. Voice calls – local, long distance and roaming to any network in India will be absolutely free. This is first of its kind tariff structure and is surely going to shake the market. Jio was originally planned to be a data only network. The VoLTE capabilities were added later and are still being fine tuned and improved. It is a scalable and future ready network capable of supporting future network standards. The idea behind this tariff plan is simple – Come for the voice, stay for the data. Even if the voice calls in the network aren’t as good now as they can potentially be, they are free – thereby eliminating customer frustration in the initial phase of the launch.


Jio already has a range of LYF branded devices tested and ready to be used on the network. They have handsets available from ? 2999 to enable almost everyone to come and join the network.

App ecosystem

Jio is building a really strong ecosystem of apps ranging from entertainment, finance, media and instant messengers. Currently, app ecosystems are owned and governed by your handset’s OS (Apple’s App store vs. Google Play). The idea behind building such a strong collection of apps is to break free from the ties with your handset platform. Jio’s apps work seamlessly on both iOS and Android.


As Jio is a data first network, they have made broadband really affordable for everyone. The average data tariff on the Jio network will be ? 50 per GB as opposed to ? 250 per GB on other networks.  This is going to start a mobile broadband revolution in India. Jio leverages 4G LTE data network offering data services capable of reaching 100 Mbps.

Overall, Jio’s vision looks very promising and should help India get to the top 10 in the world for mobile internet access. It is going to be very cost effective for the customers to switch to Jio, enjoy free voice calls and get introduced to the endless possibilities of life with mobile broadband.

[via ET]

IRCTC Improves Site Performance

NextBigWhat is reporting that IRCTC seem to have improved its site’s performance making it usable during peak ticketing hours. They seem to have added servers and/or optimized the site’s software performance in order to give a smoother ticketing experience to users during peak hours.

The site seems to have gone lightweight in UI design thereby reducing the load times of the web pages. Given that the site is a transactional site which needs to be secure & efficient enough to handle millions of hits during peak hours, any optimization & hardware upgrade needs to be thoroughly tested before deployment. IRCTC made an announcement about this improvement last year.

This change should help a lot of users to book tickets (relatively) faster during peak hours.

[via NextBigWhat]

Here is How You Can Edit Your Facebook Lookback Movie


So you loved your facebook lookback movie? But are there some photos or posts in there which you would rather replace with something else? Now you can. Facebook is letting you edit your lookback movie in a few clicks. And you don’t need to have any video editing skills in order to do that.

Head on to and you will see your current movie on top of the page followed by posts/photo options for the 3 sections of the movie. All you need to do is select/de-select based on your preference. Note that you cannot select more than the permitted number of items in each section. So, if you have reached the full selection limit, you need to de-select a few items in order to select new ones. Make sure to use the forward & backward buttons on the top right corner of each section to look at more posts or photos eligible for each section.

Once done, scroll up and click play. The movie should play with your new content (some content might load slowly). And if you want to share your edited movie, click on the share button on the top right of the page.


Facebook Completes 10 Years Today


Our beloved facebook is celebrating its 10th Anniversary today. The ubiquitous social network was launched 10 years ago from a Harvard dorm room.

To help its users celebrate this event, facebook team has come up with a personalized video feature which is unique to each users. Visiting will show you the personalized video that has been created using your facebook data since you joined facebook. The video is rendered using an algorithm designed by the facebook team which supposedly picks your best moments and puts them together in a video like below:

Please note: In case you get a Page Not Found error on opening the above link, try again after a few minutes. Once you hit the URL, facebook will begin rendering your video and it should be available after a few minutes. Facebook is in the process of rolling out this feature in phases so as to avoid overloading its servers. But hitting the URL should speed up the process and your video should be available in a few minutes.

[via The Verge]

Review: Nextra Fiber Broadband (FTTH)

nextra ftth broadband logo

Nextra Teleservices is a Gurgaon based emerging Internet Service Provider (ISP) which is aiming to equip India’s homes with ultra fast broadband connections delivered over Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) infrastructure. In FTTP, the fiber runs from the central office till the customer’s premises. In apartments & group housing complexes, premises might mean each individual building, whereas in independent houses, the fiber might terminate into a common pole or distribution box. Ethernet wires run from these common distribution boxes to the customer’s equipment.

Nextra is leveraging the Fiber infrastructure being laid out by Delhi based Radius Infratel Private Limited. Radius was the first company to launch Fiber network in India in December 2008. Airtel & Tata Teleservices also leverage Radius’ Fiber network to offer their fiber based broadband plans.


Nextra offers a variety of plans for every type of customer. Here is a brief table of their unlimited plans:

Plan Name Speed Price
FiberBolt 10 10 Mbps INR 999 
FiberBolt 15 15 Mbps INR 1199 
FiberBolt 20 20 Mbps INR 1399 
FiberBolt 50 50 Mbps INR 1999 
FiberBolt 100 100 Mbps INR 2999

Al the plans come with a download and upload quota of 15 GB. Once your quota is consumed, your speed reduces to 512 kbps for the remainder of the billing cycle.

In order to get more quota, customers can buy add on packs priced at INR 300. The first add on worth 300 rupees will give you 15 GB more. The next one (worth 300 rupees again) gives you 20 GB more and subsequent ones give you 30, 40 & 50 GB more allowing a customer to get a maximum monthly download upload quota of 170 GB by paying an additional INR 1200 over the plan charges.

The plan rentals are very competitively priced given that Airtel & Tata Teleservices offer plans with lower quota at higher rentals.


I have been using the FiberBolt 100 plan for close to 4 months now. The plan offers download and upload speeds of 100 Mbps. In my experience, Nextra has been very consistent in delivering the speed promised. A speed test using Nextra’s servers in Gurgaon yields 100% speed.

In order to see the full potential of such high speeds, one has to either download a heavy file (> 1GB) using a download manager or a torrent client with torrent port forwarded. My download speed touches 10 – 12 MBPS (mega bits per second) easily using both download manager & a torrent client. The upload speed is also great. Heavy files get attached very fast in gmail.

Note that upload speed in your torrent client can also reach 10 – 12 MBPS. Since upload data is also counted towards your quota, it can eat up the quota real quick. Limiting the upload speed in the torrent client is highly recommended.

Also, I had to actually increase the memory buffer in my torrent client from 32 MB to 1 GB as the buffer was filling up with downloaded data faster than my hard disk drive could save it causing the torrent client to throttle the download speed!

(more…) Offers Handicrafts Products Online logo is a Noida based startup which offers authentic handicrafts for sale online. The site is one of a kind in India and aims to provide quality products with fantastic customer service.

Exclusivelane is also planning to start 24 hour delivery service within Delhi and will give you the products for free if they are not able to meet this deadline. This will also be first of a kind service by an ecommerce company in India.

exclusivelane clock

The online store offers a good collection of handicrafts in various categories in all price ranges. One can argue that the same item can probably be bought at a cheaper price in the market, however, will offer convenience to those who cannot (or do not want to) go to such markets. Plus, you always have an option to return any defective product without any hassle.

The site is offering free shipping across India and flat 15% off if you sign up now.

Use to Get Your Couriers Picked Up From Your Home

apnacourier logo is a new service which makes sending couriers super easy. All you need to do is log in to the website & book your courier. They will then request their courier partners to arrange for a pick up fro your door and deliver it to wherever it is supposed to go. Apnacourier has partnered with various courier agencies in India for this arrangement.

The best part is that you get to see the total courier charges on the website and pay the same in advance. You can use your credit card or net banking to pay for the courier charges. This ensures that the pick up is hassle free and you don’t have to worry about paying the courier guy.

We believe that Apnacourier has worked out bulk deals with various courier agencies which lets them offer reasonable rates to their customers. But the biggest advantage with the service is its simplicity and the convenience it offers.

I have tested the service and found it to be super smooth and totally hassle free. The payment process is simple and similar to most ecommerce sites in India. The only limitation I found was that you cannot send courier to many remote places in India. I believe this might be due to limited coverage area by their delivery partners.

The next time you have to send a courier, do give a try and let us know how it went for you.

Saavn to Go Pro, Offer Offline Playback and High Quality Streaming at $3.99 a Month

saavn pro logo

Online music streaming service is about to launch its Pro service at the price of $3.99 a month. Pro users will be able to cache songs they want in their mobile apps for offline playback later. Saavn will also offer high quality 320kbps songs in the future to pro users.


  • Offline Listening: Available on up to 5 devices per account.
  • Ad-Free Listening
  • Sync multiple devices over cellular or wi-fi data connection
  • Pro Audio at 320 kbps (will be added later).
The Pro services are primarily aimed at mobile customers and will be available from March 1st onwards. You can register in advance by going to

[via NextBigWhat]

Google silently launches "See Inside" in India

I was browsing for restaurants earlier this week and saw that Google has started adding "See Inside" in India too. Despite setbacks to Google from providing a real Street View for Indian cities, Google has managed to innovate.
“See Inside” is a Street View for inside restaurants, shops and other establishments. There are already tons of places in Hyderabad for which you can check out the ambience in person. 



Google Maps Live Traffic Info Now Available for India (Also on Android and iOS)

Well, I am not really breaking any news here. Just for those folks who might’ve missed this.

Google Maps now shows Live traffic information. This is a sign of relief for Indian users who were only relying on Waze at the moment. The traffic data isn’t too accurate at the moment. But as we all know the more the users the more the accuracy (it’s crowd sourced).

The UI is very intuitive and this traffic information is also available on the Google Maps applications on Android and iOS (probably on other OS with traffic layer support too).

Photo 11-09-12 11 42 38 AM 


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