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The Engineering Admission Guide

IIT Roorkee

Ever since I graduated, every year I receive queries regarding engineering admissions. This blog post is a sincere effort to highlight some of the key points to be considered during admissions. The suggestions are based on my personal experiences and observations.


Use iTunes Home Sharing to play music from your computer on your iOS 4.3 device

iTune Home Sharing

A little know feature that iOS 4.3 brought with it was the ability to play media on your computer’s iTunes library on your iOS device. This is different from the popular remote feature which lets you control iTunes within your home share & the ability to transfer files between computers via iTunes within the home share.

This iTunes home sharing feature lets you play media from any iTunes library within your home share on your iOS device. Once you enable this feature, the shared iTunes’ media library is available in the iPod app on your iOS device and you can play whatever you want as long as you are in the WiFi network’s range. So, if you have an iPhone dock, and majority of your music is on your computer, you no longer need to transfer it to the iPhone. You can directly play it off of the iTunes library on your computer if you have it in the iTunes home share.


How Not To Quit Google Chrome by Accident on Mac?

Prevent Google Chrome Quit by Accident

I have always had a pet peeve against Google Chrome on Mac. If I press Command + Q, it just quits without warning. In many cases this makes me lose application state or text that I typed.

If you’ve had the same problem, I have good news for you. The latest version of Google Chrome (10) includes a solution for this. It’s not enabled by default though. Here is how to do it:

MNP in India FTW


I just got my number ported from MTNL to Airtel. The process is smoother than one can expect given the situation of customer service in mobile space in India. I must say that I am extremely happy with the process and can confidently say that this is the result of extensive thought process coupled with a great design and excellent implementation.

The process is simple and is explained in the steps below:


The Best Way To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube logo

I rarely download YouTube videos now. I just bookmark them and hope I’ll watch them later someday. But sometimes the videos get deleted, sometime I lose the links and sometimes I just want to save the videos to my iPod so I can watch it on a flight. In these situations I start looking for plug-ins and hacks which let me do it. Some time back I found an excellent trick on TNW that lets me do this in an elegant, browser independent way. I’ve used it a couple of times and it just works perfectly.


Enable Mac Like Expose for Tabs in Google Chrome

Chrome Expose Tabs

Ever since I switched to Mac, I find it natural to use Expose for most of the Window management. It’s just faster and more convenient than Alt-Tab/Cmd-Tab when you have more than 3-4 windows open. Sadly, most browsers still primarily rely on the old way for tab-switching.


How To Use Google Maps For Facebook Places

Have you been Facebook places religiously, then you probably also hate that uses Bing Maps to show you the check-in(s). This article tells you how to configure your browser to show Google Maps instead of Bing Maps.


If you still don’t know what I mean, then check how boring a check-in to the Statue of Liberty looks on Facebook places using Bing Maps.



HDTV buying tips in India


With the cricket world cup season coming up, many households in India are planning to upgrade to HDTVs. Coupled with the availability of a few HD channels in India and the telecast of all the cricket world cup matches in HD, sales of HDTV’s are at all time high in India.

If you are in the market looking for a HDTV, we have a few tips for you which will help you in making an informed decision.


Enable Instant Search In Google Chrome

Starting from version 9, Google is offering Instant Search capabilities like their website in the Chrome Browser. This means that just like on their website, when you type text in the Address Bar (also called OmniBox), Chrome will open up the Google Instant Search page using the text as query. As you modify the text in the Address bar the search results below will update automagically.


Accidentally Approved All The Spam Comments On Your WordPress Blog? Here’s A Fix

We recently had a mishap while trying out IntenseDebate integration on While importing all our existing comments, it marked all spam comments as approved. It left us with over 6000 comments out of which over 50% were spam and we had no way to separate them from the legitimate ones. It was a disaster.

We finally fixed the issue by using Akismet and some simple SQL scripts. If you have a similar issue, this is something that may help you.


Akismet is a great tool for blocking spam on your WordPress blog, but what if you’re realized and installed it too late and you’ve already got thousands of comments?

When you go to the “Comments” section of WordPress dashboard and click on “Check for spam”, Akismet only “tags” any previous entries as possible and doesn’t “mark as spam”.

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