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Love Angry Birds? Download this Windows theme now

If you are a fan of angry birds, you will love this Windows 7 theme:

Angry birds windows theme

The theme contains six desktop wallpapers & sounds form the angry birds game. You know the birds screaming and the pigs grunting.

The theme is designed for Windows 7 and can be downloaded from here.

[via Digital Inspiration]

Play carrom on your iPad


Remember Carrom? The game you probably used to play when you were a kid? Well, you might have forgotten about the game, but Geodesic Limited has not. They have made a totally awesome iPad game that is super fun to play. The game features pretty nice physics and graphics and is multiplayer enabled (local, not game center).

From the developer:

CarromMP – A multiplayer table-top board game full of fun, frolic and precision
Carom MP is a multiplayer tabletop game that can be played solo, one-on-one or doubles. Challenge a friend or form teams to play a match. Carom MP adheres to international rules and guidelines and is easy to use. Carom MP features real-life physics movements, complete control over direction and power and a scoring system that lets you play hours of gameplay. Carom today is amongst the world’s favorite indoor games enjoyed amongst friends and families. Believed to have its origin in India, Carom, Karum, Fatta (Punjab) is played in more than 25 countries.

The game is free! So go ahead, download it from here.

Angry Birds in HTML 5 [OMFG]

Angry birds logo

So, the team behind angry birds has developed a HTML 5 version which anyone can play for free on any HTML 5 compliant browser. Although the game has been optimized for Google Chrome, it works pretty well in Firefox.

Here, check it out:

And in case you do not know what angry birds is (seriously?), you can check out the trailer below:


Need for Speed announces its next iteration “The Run”

Electronics Arts has released the trailer for the next iteration of its Need For Speed franchise. The game will send you on a cross country illegal run from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Empire State Building in New York City and will involve street racing in all kinds of terrains. Here is the trailer:


[via ForeverGeek]

Doodle Jump is More Fun Now with Multiplayer mode

If you have an iOS device and haven’t played Doodle jump yet, you might as well give your device away to an even dumber friend. Yes, we love Doodle Jump more than anything.



Gaming: Opening Doors to Other Worlds Since 1958 [Video]

While this isn’t the best or most complete compilation of the History of Gaming, it’s worth a watch (and more) for it’s unique presentation style. The gamer sits in his chair while technology keeps getting better resulting in better TVs and consoles and, well, games.

And yeah, Xbox is missing. We noticed.

[via Engadget]

Super Mario Bros With Modern Sound Effects [Video]

Yuck, this is crap.

Now, stand up and thank God for creating Koji Kondo and making him creative enough that he composed the original.

[via CrunchGear]

First Person Super Mario Bros Will Satisfy You Fragaholics [Video]

Super Mario Bros…Check.
Capture the Flag…CHECK!

Also, arguably the brightest colors you’ve seen in an FPS ever.

You Can Soon Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Angry Birds is probably the only game which can be played across a wide range of devices running different operating systems. To keep you hooked on, while you’re away from your mobile device, the birds are coming soon as a facebook game soon (by next month)


This would the favorite pass time for most corporate slaves, after all who doesn’t want to throw things at the pigs (*ahem* boss). Thanks to Facebook’s social circle the game will be probably be better with ranking, challenges and collaborative gaming between friends.


Mirror’s Edge is Still Alive!

Mirror's Edge

Turns out what we heard before wasn’t entirely true. Mirror’s Edge is still alive!


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