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Watch this Amazing Xbox One Launch Ad

xbox one

Microsoft’s Xbox One team has done an amazing job with this launch ad that we feel you should definitely see. It portrays the purpose of the device in the most awesome way in our opinion:

Imangi Studios Launch Temple Run 2, the Sequel to their Wildly Popular Game

temple run 2 logo

Imangi Studios surprised everyone by releasing Temple Run 2 – the sequel to their wildly popular game, Temple Run. The original game was a huge hit because of its immersive and thrilling, yet simple gameplay. The sequel is no different. It improves upon the prequel with astoundingly better graphics (which are, apparently, built using a much better graphics engine this time), new power ups, new stunts, yet using the same simplistic controls.

temple run 2 for iOS

You can download the iOS version from here: The Android version will be released in some time.

If You Haven’t Played Draw Something Yet, You Should Play it Now!

Draw Something

Draw Something is a pictionary like game by OMGPOP which is available on iOS and Android. The game has broken all the records set by Zynga in social gaming and is not slowing down. With a well designed and robustly coded gameplay, the game is currently the most played game using Facebook connect. Draw Something has over 12 million daily users compared to 8 million of Zynga’s most popular Words with Friends. This is huge considering Draw Something only works on iOS and Android (it cannot be played within Facebook like most Zynga games).

The game is super fun and you can play with your Facebook friends or random people from anywhere in the world. You can download the iOS version here and the Android version here.

Quantic Dream’s New Demo Will Change Your Perception Of Games

I have always been a fan of Quantic Dream. They take video games as close to art as possible.

This latest video released by them uses their latest Motion Capture technology for the emotions and facial expressions. The scene was rendered realtime on a Playstation 3. Prepare to be amazed.

What happens when Mario hooks up with a Portal Gun [Video]

 A portal gun is so fricking fun than having a GOD mode in Mario, I just can’t wait to play this.

Mario with a Portal Gun

Check out the video when Mario hooks up with a Portal gun.

Outta my way you freakishly small dragons!!

Thanks for lending the Portal Gun Chell. I hope you know that you ain’t getting it back.

[Via Shubham Gupta on FB]

Jenga (the wood block game in The Big Bang Theory) is now available on the iOS App Store

jenga iphone

Jenga is one of my favorite games. I play it with my roommates and at get together with friends. The game is based on an awesome concept. It is the game which the geek gang plays on the famous show “The Big Bang Theory“. The game is now available in the iOS app store for $0.99.


Doodle Jump for iPad now available on the App Store


Doodle Jump set record sales when it was launched on the app store for the iPhone. When the iPad was launched, even though the game ran pretty well in emulation mode, people demanded the developers to launch a native iPad version which utilizes the large screen of the iPad. After more than a year of waiting, its finally here.

doodle jump ipad

The insanely addictive game is available for $2.99 on the App Store.

[via TUAW]

Play Angry Anna game online

angry anna game

Now that Anna Hazare has won, you can celebrate the victory by playing the angry birds clone made using anna and other prominent figures in the country. The game has been cloned pretty well and has been successful in retaining the fun factor of the uber popular cult game.

The game can be played online in modern browsers at

Portal: No Escape [Live Action Short Film]

Brilliant. Take your sweet time but watch this at length.

A Question: Do people who haven’t played Portal like this too?

Lara Croft is Back, Looks Better Than Ever [Trailer]

If you are a Tomb Raider fan, watch this.

If you aren’t, watch this anyway. Chances are, you will become one soon.

This is the most cinematic Tomb Raider has ever looked, including the movies. Watch out Nathan Drake, Lara Croft is all set to raid uncharted territories.

[via @greetchandu]

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