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How our Alexa Rank Jumped from 400,000 to 80,000 in 2 Months

We don’t post articles about SEO. The main reason is that we don’t know how to do SEO. All we have done in 3 years is write articles about things we like and present them well without too many ugly ads.

But this one is an exception.


Accidentally Approved All The Spam Comments On Your WordPress Blog? Here’s A Fix

We recently had a mishap while trying out IntenseDebate integration on While importing all our existing comments, it marked all spam comments as approved. It left us with over 6000 comments out of which over 50% were spam and we had no way to separate them from the legitimate ones. It was a disaster.

We finally fixed the issue by using Akismet and some simple SQL scripts. If you have a similar issue, this is something that may help you.


Akismet is a great tool for blocking spam on your WordPress blog, but what if you’re realized and installed it too late and you’ve already got thousands of comments?

When you go to the “Comments” section of WordPress dashboard and click on “Check for spam”, Akismet only “tags” any previous entries as possible and doesn’t “mark as spam”.

Post an email address on your website without the fear of Spam [How-Tos]

It’s a known fact that posting your email address on your website is bound to get you loads of Spam. And unless you are interested in amazing free gifts, Nigerian treasures or *ahem* larger stuff, it’s a big nuisance.

But you do want to post your email address on your website don’t you? And you do want to get emails from people who won’t take pains to change the [at] to @ from your cleverly concealed email address. Well, we have a solution. Actually, Dan Benjamin developed it, but remember, we are the ones who told you 😉


A fresh new look for woikr

As you might have noticed, woikr has a fresh new look. We believe this new look will enhance your reading experience in several ways. The home page now shows the latest 15 posts. The side bar has been enhanced and now allows easy access to the subscription options from every page.


There are lots of improvements in the design – from listing of popular categories on the top, to the new, mac like social bookmarking widget at the bottom of every post. All of these will help you in navigating through the site much faster and sharing woiks with your friends quickly.

In case you are wondering, this is the Studio Blue theme from the Elegant Themes gallery.

woikr in a new and better design

We’re glad to announce that, we have moved to a new theme, which is immediately live at

We’re also starting new sections for WTF, Rumors and LOL.

What’s so special about this theme ?

We feel that this theme is more intuitive and presents much more information to the visitors, helping them discover the content in a better way than the earlier design we followed.

What’s so bad about the earlier theme ?

Nothing, we still love the earlier theme, just that it had certain limitations and put us off all this time from launching these new sections.

Here is how the new design looks (Click for a larger view):

Thanks to Darren Hoyt for creating the wonderful wordpress theme.

A day out to BarCamp#8 at Hyderabad, India [Meetups]

We’ve tried to ‘live blog’ this from the ISB campus, sadly the wifi connection wasn’t cooperating and was not open for public usage.

So here’s the summary of events.

I reached the venue 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time, so that I would have time to setup the word press blog on the phone. Suffered two shocks, first of it being that there were 3 people including me and my friend and 3-4 people from the organizer’s committee. The later was that the public wifi access here at ISB, wasn’t helpful. I made up my mind, that there’s not going to be a live blog on the event.
(Things were quite opposite the last time, Google apparently had all things super ready).

Time passed on, and people started to arrive. By the time the show started (15 minutes late) there were around 50 people and they kept pouring in, even after the event got started.
A total of around 150 people turned up, which is nowhere near the 300 people who registered to show up.

This BarCamp’s agenda stuck onto ‘Entrepreneurship’ only.
There were speakers who

  • Shared their journey to a startup.
  • VC’s who explained what they’d want to look from a ‘Startup’, before funding.
  • Students who explained their ideas.

To summarize, there were less geeky and more ‘startup’ related talk this time.
I definitely had less fun at the event in comparison to BarCamp5, not to mention came back empty handed (No goodies this time).

But still a good attempt by ISB to host it, thanks for the snacks and tea and you have a great campus.
And we’d appreciate it if there’s a little filtering on the topics to be presented and the content.
(No offense any one)

Unfortunately, we are unable to cover the Delhi BarCamp. If you readers happen to be there, let us know in the comments on how it went.