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Doodle Jump is More Fun Now with Multiplayer mode

If you have an iOS device and haven’t played Doodle jump yet, you might as well give your device away to an even dumber friend. Yes, we love Doodle Jump more than anything.



Google Nexus S Now Available For Pre-order In India For 27,999

Flipkart Nexus S

Good news for all of you waiting desperately for Nexus S to be released in India. After all the rumors that Infibeam started were rendered baseless, the phone is now available on for pre-order. According to them, the phone will be available sometime in the first week of April. At INR 27,999 the price is pretty much similar to the International price.

Should you buy it? Well, if you are interested in a device that will be more frequently updated to the latest releases, you should. I did. And I must say it’s one of the better Android phones around.

How to make your Android look like Windows Phone 7?

When they say Android is the most customizable amongst popular Mobile Operating Systems, they aren’t lying. This should serve as a perfect proof.

Windows Phone 7 UI on Android

Developer Time Kujala, has come up with a an app for Android based phones that allows you replace your Android/custom launcher with something that looks and works just like Windows Phone 7!


This Android Dance Sequence Is Cooler Than Most Android Phones [Video]

So you think you can dance? Try beating this Android mascot at his own game and I’ll believe you.

I wish there was an Android phone that was as cool as this.

[via Phandroid]

Gingerbread Is Hiding Cute Zombie Art [Easter Eggs FTW]

Are you one of those few who have an Android phone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread? Here is a cute easter egg that XDA member teknoraver found.

Goto Settings->About Phone and scroll down to the bottom of the list. Now tap “Android version” column repeatedly. It may take some time (took me some 50-60 taps) but keep tapping swiftly and it will eventually work and you’ll see a cute Zombie painting by Jack Larson as shown in the screen below.


Samsung’s Galaxy Pro Android Phone Looks Like A Winner

Samsung Galaxy Pro

Samsung today announced the Galaxy Pro, the latest (and the most interesting) phone in their lineup of Android phones. The Galaxy Pro is a candybar phone with full QWERTY keyboard. The specs make me look like it will be joining the low budget Android lineup. The phone features an 800 MHz processor, 2.8 inch touch display a 3 Megapixel camera, WiFi and runs Android 2.2 Froyo.


LG Hoping To Sell More Optimus Ones Using Cricket World Cup Branding

In India (read cricket crazy nation), this new “Limited Edition” LG Optimus One with a Cricket World Cup 2011 engraved on the back will sell like hotcakes. The hardware on the phone wasn’t changed. It still misses the beloved Camera Flash and a D-Pad (more in our detailed review).


Oh did I mention you’ll also get some cricket applications (crap ware) pre-loaded on the phone, which you can’t uninstall without rooting the phone? If you’re cricket crazy and planning to buy an Android, there are only 1000  available across India. Good Luck getting one.

Our recommendation – Thumbs down. This phone is already a few months old now. Wait for the next LG Optimus series phone (There might be a budget LG Optimus series phone too).


Umeox Apollo: A Rugged, Solar-Powered Android Phone For $100

While the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was studded with mobile phone announcements from Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG, there was a tiny company which not many took notice of. While browsing my old archives I stumbled upon this gem of a phone that doesn’t seem to have a single reason due to which you wouldn’t purchase it.

Umeox Apollo, Solar Powered Rugged Android Phone


Scary Malware In Android Market Takes Over Your Android Device

Android Malware
All these days people have been cursing Apple’s app review policy and saying that Google’s Android Market is open and better. Well, here is a slap on the face of the open Android market. The publisher Myournet has been publishing scary malware apps that root your phone and steal your data. According to Android Police, the apps have the ability to steal your phone’s IMEI/IMSI, Product ID, Model, Partner (Carrier/Manufacturer), Language, Country and User ID. What’s even more scary is that the apps can download more malware code from the Internet which can do pretty much anything to anything in your phone


Honeycomb Has Entered The Building [Google’s Building 44]

Every Android release comes with 2 things. First is a sweet name based on a dessert, and second is a statue/figure based on that name in the Android team’s building (Building 44 at Google).

While, it’s a bit late, Honeycomb has finally arrived.

Honeycomb at Google's Building 44

Awesome installation video ahead!


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