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Huawei Announces the Best Looking Android Smartwatch Yet

Huawei has announced its Android smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress and it is the best looking android a yet. Huawei claims that they surveyed various potential customers and based on their feedbck of the current smartwatch options in the market, they have come up with one that looks like a luxury watch and caters to what people are looking for in a smartwatch.

The watch has a round display and comes with some beautiful watchfaces which does give it the sophisticated look of a luxury watch. It works with Google Now to let you issue voice commands.

Here is how the watch looks:



Yup that dial is a beautiful watch face rendered on the screen. The watch sports 4GB storage, 512MB RAM and a Qualcomm 1.2 GHz processor.

Here is a video Huwaei has release detailing the design process:

How to set the Home and Work Location in Google Now Accurately.

Google Maps allows us to select a Home and Work location for quick use to determine Directions and for use in Google Now too .

Here’s how to set the location.

  1. Open Google Maps on your Android or iOS device
  2. Click on the “Person” icon on the top right
  3. You’ll be displayed a screen to enter/edit the Home and Work address
  4. Long press the Home/Work fields to open the edit page and type in the building name or the complete address.
  5. Select the suggestion provided by Google and Voila! you have selected a Home address..


Book Your Next LPG Cylinder Using these Official Android Apps

bharatgas indane logoNewImage

The next time you want to book your LPG cylinder, use the official Android apps from the respective companies. Granted that it is super easy to book cylinders through phone or SMS, but what’s the point of having a smartphone when you can’t book your next LPG cylinder using it. Right?

Here is the app from Bharatgas. You can download it from here: Bharat Gas Android App

bharatgas android app

Here is the app from Indane. You can download it from here: Indane Android App

indane android app 

Here is the app from HP Gas. You can download it from here: Hindustan Petroleum Android App

HP Gas Android App

No word yet on iOS version of these apps.

[via NextBigWhat]

Mahindra Launches Android App to Connect with your XUV 500

mahindra logo

The XUV 500 is the flagship car from Mahindra. People are mad about it and rightfully so. It looks great, performs well and is priced competitively. The only issue is that you have to wait months before you can get one.

The XUV 500 is also probably one of the technologically superior cars. And Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. has launched an Android app for the owners of the XUV 500’s W8 model to monitor their car’s stats and control the audio system. Pretty cool eh?

mahindra xuv 500 android app

The app connects to the vehicle over bluetooth and lets the owner monitor vital stats like tyre pressure, fuel statistics in addition to providing alerts for door open, low fuel, distance to empty etc. Furthermore, the app can be used to control the infotainment system and the vehicle’s climate control system.

[via NextBigWhat]

Flipkart’s flyte MP3 App is Now Available for Android

flyte mp3 logo

flipkart flyte digital store

As part of their long term digital store strategy, Flipkart has launched their flyte MP3 app for android phones. Users can now buy & download music from flyte directly on their android devices without the need of a computer.

The one click (tap?) purchase process will leverage Flipkart wallet to make quick payments and also bypass the need for the user to go through the secure payment process every time one purchases a song/album. This means that one will need to have sufficient balance in the flipkart wallet before purchasing any music from the app.

Once purchased, the tracks can be downloaded and stored on the device for offline playback. Note that the downloads on the mobile device will also consume the maximum download quota of 4 per track. So, it will probably a good idea to transfer the music from your device to your computer later, instead of download it there again. This can work on Android, however, it will be a challenge for iOS devices as there is no officially supported feature to transfer music from an iOS device to a computer.

Sonner or later, flipkart should try and convince the studios to let go of the stupid quota rule. The most successful music store in the world, iTunes, also does not have any such rule. When I have purchased a song, I should be able to download it as many times as I want. It will be interesting to see how flipkart tackles this issue on iOS.

Amazon’s Android App Store is now available in India

amazon app store

Its time for Android fanboys to rejoice! Amazon’s Android App Store is now available in India. The store was previously only available to people residing in the US and carried out awesome free app a day promotions and gave away pretty nice paid apps to early adopters.

So point your android phones to to start using the store!

UPDATE: It looks like amazon pulled the international stores a day after they were launched. Sorry for the confusion. We will update you as soon as the app store is again available in India.

How to Upgrade LG Optimus One to Android 2.3 Gingerbread

After a lot of delays, the much awaited Android 2.3 upgrade for the LG Optimus One has been rolled out to India too. The upgrade process is itself very simple and requires you to use LG’s phone update software.

It is so lame that LG still prefers to have a Windows PC USB upgrade when Android 2.2+ supports "Over the Air" upgrades. Other companies like HTC have adopted that right after 2.2. This is a lesson, LG has to learn to improve it’s sales.

 LG Optimus One Android 2.3 Upgrade

Samsung’s Clumsy Pure Breeze Launcher for Android Launches [Includes Dorky Video]

If you are one of those 3 people who like Samsung’s Android customizations but have an HTC phone, here is something for you. Samsung has launched their next gen launcher called “Clumsy Pure Breeze Launcher” in the Android Market. Ok, I added clumsy.

The only thing worse than the name is the dorky promotion video.


Planning to buy a budget Android? Get HTC Desire for just 15,000!

HTC Desire for 15,000!

I’ll keep it as simple as possible. If you are planning to get an Android phone and your budget is 15k, put this HTC Desire from on the top of your wish list. You won’t find that combination of screen, processor, camera and build quality for that price.

HTC Desire for 15000!



Disclaimer: While the website says it belongs to Spice Group and looks genuine, do verify before you buy. We have never purchased anything from this website and it’s better to be safe when it comes to new online retailers.

Nexus S officially available in stores across India


After being available for pre order for some time on flipkart, Google’s flagship branded Nexus S mobile phone is now available in stores across India at a price tag of INR 29,590. In case you are the kind who does not believe in buying stuff online (even though its cheap), you can head over to your nearest brick and mortar mobile store to get your hands on this baby.

As always, the same thing is available online at for INR 26990.

And in case you forgot, here is a quick run down of the phone’s features:


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