Review: Moto Chaser [Paid iPhone Apps]

Moto Chaser [iTunes Store URL] is a bike racing game for iPhone and iPod Touch available on the App store for $5.99. The game is getting good reviews by the users lately. The developers reduced the price of the game from $9.99 to $5.99 recently. Is it really worth the price? Lets find out.

The game has a very neat & intuitive menu system. Also, whenever you tap an option, you are confirmed by a feedback flare at the place you tapped. This is a really helpful feature as in some games, you do not know if the menu option was selected if the next screen takes some time to load.

The options menu lets you adjust the sound and music volume in addition to game difficulty.

Once you select Race, you are presented with a screen to select a player out of the 3 available. The touchscreen is very well utilized here as you have to drag the players to scroll through them.

Once you select a player, you can choose the track you want to race through. You can only select from the tracks that you have unlocked. Once you complete one track, the next one gets unlocked and so on.


The controls are pretty simple. There is a gas pedal at the lower left corner of the screen. You keep it pressed using your left thumb. The steering is done using the accelerometer. ┬áTilt the iPhone left or right to steer the bike. Usually, its not easy to control objects using accelerometer, however, it’s not the case here.

It is extremely easy and fun to control the bike. I guess it’s due to the fact that the developers just restricted the left/right steer controls to be controlled via the accelerometer instead of giving it the full control which is irritating (Try controlling the Audi A4 car and you will know).

The object of the game is to complete all the tracks by racing to consecutive checkpoints in each track within the time alloted. The time reduces when you increase the difficulty under options. If you have any time left over from a previous checkpoint, it gets added to the next one.

Sometimes, during the game play, other bikers will appear. Whenever they come, a small punch button also appears at the bottom right corner of the screen. Go near them and hit this button to punch/kick them. Kinda like Road Rash. Cool eh ?

The graphics are pretty good. The best I have seen in any iPhone game. The sound effects are appropriate and the music is good too. During the game play, a speedometer displays your speed and a countdown timer displays the remaining time you have to reach the next checkpoint. You can tap the timer to pause the game.


The game is great fun and a cool time pass. You will never get bored playing it. Even after you complete all the tracks, you will keep on racing again and again. This is totally worth the price. If you love racing games, this one should be on yoru App Store shopping list [iTunes Store URL].

iTunes rating: 4
woikr rating: 5

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  1. App Store cheats? | Setu's blog says:

    […] to buy the Moto Chaser game @ 5.99$. The game lived up to my expectations. You can read my review here […]

  2. Vidit Bansal says:

    hey setu i downloaded the game… but silly of me didnt see the requirements.. its 2.2 version … please tell me how to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 ….. please setu i beg you to reply as i have downloaded sim city also(10$) please dude… i'm using vodafone in india delhi

  3. Setu says:

    @Vidit –

    Please use our guide here:… to upgrade your iPhone 2G to 2.2.

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