Review: Brain Tuner [Free iPhone Apps]

Brain Tuner (Lite) is a free app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch [iTunes store URL]. It is a very simple and intuitive app to get some exercise for your brain.

Upon launching the app, you are given an option to choose the number of questions. The welcome screen also displays your best time.

Once you tap Start Game, you are presented with a series of simple math equations. You have to tap Right or Wrong. The goal is to answer the questions quickly.  Once you answer all the questions, you are presented with the score. The next time, you try to answer in a lesser time. That way you have to keep setting new record. The questions are different each time.

There are options to display a countdown timer before you get the question on the screen. You can also choose which basic math operators you want your question to be based upon. You can also choose to review your answers at the end of each quiz.

The app is great for kids and grown ups alike. You can fire it up and pass your time no matter where you are. Its a pretty addictive game once you start playing it. There is also a premium version [iTunes Store URL] available for 99 cents if you want to compete against players from all around the world.

iTunes Store rating: 4.
woikr rating: 4.

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  1. Karan says:

    They have a google widget too, i just added this game on my google personalized page and this one helluva addiction. Stay away from it if your work is important!!

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