Leaked iPod Touch Shows A Capacitive Touch Button [Rumors]

Thanks to the underbelly of the world, we have new rumors to chase every day. The latest amongst them is that of a leaked iPod Touch’s "blurry snap" showing a capacitive touch button (like those you see on the new Android phones) in the place of a hard button.


Having a capacitive touch instead of the currently "well-accepted" home button doesn’t make any sense, I agree with Gizmodo that this would be a huge inconvenience as it could get easily triggered while playing a game or while making a call. I so hope that the next gen iPod/iPhone 5 would offer much better features to this, NFC perhaps?

The leaked pictures also show that the iPod Touch model has a 128GB flash memory and was running iOS4.2.1 (internal build). Also the iPod Touch model seems to have a metal back(aluminium like the original iPhone2G) similar to the rumors of iPhone 5 (thanks for replacing the crack-able glass Apple).

iPod-Touch-5thGen-Leaked-back-side iPod-Touch-5thGen-Leaked-Firmware-About-Page

Also Sony CEO slipped a word and mentioned that they’re supplying 8.0 MP camera sensors (like to replace the current 5.0 MP OmniVision sensors) for the iPhone and iPad(s). We wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation iPod Touch would get this too.

Whoever takes the horribly blurred pictures of leaked Apple proto-types, Would you please get yourself a better camera, I think a 100$ dumb phone takes better pictures than the Samsung Digital camera you have. And get ready to feel my wrath if you photo shopped this picture.

[Via CrunchGear]

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