iPhone4 now available on Verizon

As expected, the huge Verizon announcement is about the iPhone4’s availability on Verizon network starting on February 10th 2011.

iPhone Verizon

You can now pre-order the iPhone. It’s a good idea to get one if you’re interested to move away from AT&T and your contract has just expired. I’ve decided to see what iPhone5 would have in stock before I take the plunge and upgrade my current iPhone. What’s new in this iPhone4 after the break.

From the initial looks it does appear that Apple might have fixed the “Death Grip”/Antenna Gate Issue. Look at the antenna adjustments that Gizmodo identified below.

iPhone4 Comparison AT&T And Verizon

It also has a new WiFi hotspot feature (5 users) that Android 2.2  boasted all the while – It could be just a Verizon feature though, don’t keep your hopes high yet.

The version that was demoed runs iOS 4.2.5 which might be released along with the product in the first week of February. As earlier speculated the iPhone4 won’t be running on Verizon’s super fast LTE network (Apple never rushed through designs, We agree).

And one more thing, the buttons are slightly relocated and will require a new iPhone case.

This changes every thing again and again (did I get that right?). Head out to check out the Verizon iPhone Hands-on video by Engadget.

The pricing information is out 16GB iPhone4 $199.00 and the 32GB is for $299.00 with a 2 year contract.

[Via Apple, Engadget and Gizmodo]

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