iPhone 4G – Leaked

So, it just happened to be a regular day when an Apple Employee (I hope still) Gray Powell had too much to drink and left behind a well confiscated iPhone next generation phone (or its near production prototype) in a bar.

It’s a real deal for sure. The phone was working for a day before Apple remotely wiped it out. But it was too late, much before one of “the other drunk” guy in the bar opened the Facebook application and logged into as Gray.

The Gizmodo folks acquired the phone and ripped the phone apart to find out the parts neatly fitted and this doesn’t look like a prank/spoof phone, which does imply that this could be the model which is due to be released by Apple in June 2010.

The new things noticed were

  • A frontal camera – Glad we can finally video conference, Girls *Ahem* can use it as a makeup mirror too.
  • New phone design – the back of the phone is flat and no longer curvy.
  • Separate volume buttons instead of a single button as earlier – some say this could be used for a hard button for clicking pictures on the camera application.
  • Better battery life (5.25 WHr at 3.7V) – The one in iPhone 3GS was 4.51 WHr at 3.7V.
  • Fits well in your pant pockets and purses & possible doesn’t rotate on vibrate
  • Really unstable version of iPhone OS 4.0 – The camera app seems to have crashed a couple of times.
  • A mini printer – Okay I admit – I made up the last one.

There are several arguments that this could be a controlled leak to suppress the “possible” attention that HTC Incredible (Android based) might be getting.

We at woikr are happy if Apple finally treats “Android” as a pure competition. After all, competition is good.
Remember the old days when people used Windows mobile “not-so-smart phones” and said “wow” – You’d laugh at them now – won’t ya?

Although this sounds something which can happen to your neighborhood friend, this doesn’t happen very frequently with Apple – what with all the “secrecy” surrounding their product announcements. They’re really careful. Most employees aren’t even allowed to blog publicly. We just hope Gray gets to keep his job.

He doesn’t want to come under the fury of Steve Jobs.

Thanks Gizmodo & the “random beer drinking”, “latest iPhone finding” guy for ruining the “summer” surprise and possibly ruining the career of an innocent beer drinking, base band engineer. And don’t be surprised if you’re not invited to the Apple Events ever again :).

We just hope some day Steve <put your favorite “Jobs / Balmer”> gets you. If I were you – I’d change my name and settle in <insert your least favorite cold state>.

We’ll just wait till summer to upgrade our iPhone(s) as it doesn’t matter – we’ll buy it anyway – It’ll just be better :P.

[Via Gizmodo. Thanks & RadiPad for the angry Steve Jobs pic]

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