iPhone 3G: Price in India

Ever since the international announcement of iPhone 3G, people in India have been anticipating an extremely low price here.

The most common rumor around is, “iPhone is coming to India soon at just 8k.” Sources being smart individuals who are proud of their ability to multiply 199 (US launch price) with 40 (approx. USD to INR conversion rate) and reach the holy figure.

Some smarter individuals comment, “A company like Apple will sure charge a premium, It’s going to be 12-13k at least.” These, generally, are the individuals who are too surprised to see a premium phone selling at such low rates.

But if the rumors going around on various websites and news channels are to be believed they are in for a huge shock.

The first *official* rumors were that Vodafone is launching the iPhone 3G at 31k for the 8 GB model and 37k for the 16 GB one. Just a week later, yesterday, a news channel confirmed the iPhone 3G prices to be Rs.25,499 without any EMI.

I, personally, always had the opinion that iPhone 3G would sell for around Rs.22k. But, why so?

Well, Apple surely would want to put iPhone in a position that it can compete with the models it is competing with internationally. This includes Nokia N95 8 GB, Nokia E71, Blackberry Pearl/Curve and multiple types of HTC Touch models. Note that I am not even mentioning the high priced models from other brands because they don’t really have a good market share here in India. Now all these models are in the range of 20-25k. At a price of 22k, iPhone 3G will definitely make people think twice before buying the HTC/Nokia/BlackBerry competitor, while maintaining decent profit margins (Apple is selling unlocked 8 GB iPhone 3G for $599).

In any case, we’ll find the actual price in just 2 days on August 22.

So, at what price is iPhone 3G a good buy? In the coming days, woikr will compare the iPhone 3G with it’s competitors and make it easy for you to choose between the iPhone and your favorite iPhone competitor.

Meanwhile, if you are specifically looking for reasons not to buy an iPhone, we have compiled a list for you – I hate my iPhone.

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6 Responses to this post

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  2. saurabh aggarwal says:

    For India

    1. 8 GB (Black) for Rs 31000

    2. 16GB (White & Black) for Rs. 36100

    from Airtel and vodafone…


    If you want to check the prices in Swiss from Orange
    for one year contract I have paid 399 CHF (around Rs 41= 1 CHF)

    and for connection I have to pay 44 CHF per month…But i will get some free calls and some sms..

  3. Swaroop says:


    We've already posted the details at our other post. Check the Related posts for comments on this from Woikr

  4. Rajesh Gupta says:

    Hi everyone

    iphone is best phone if i do compare to other phones,iphone has a lot of features,it seems to be a good multimedia device, as

    it has great features and the user interface, and very easy to use for voice, sms and internet. and

    iphone has a great internet device to user experience for browsing, default youtube client on the home screen, apps store.and

    also advantage to music experience with iconic iPod.

    So, as a whole if somebody who is targeting for this budget, it does not seem high when you buy a product from Apple.



  5. Hitesh verma says:


    I am surprised to see all of you shocked with the price. This is exactly what was expected and by

    the way iPhones features are revolutionary and the price is justified.

    Respect the hard work that poeple have put in to develop this mind freaking device, because kind of great features and enhanced user interface it has, it justifies it cost.


  6. Swaroop says:


    We at woikr have been using the phone for more than 6 months and this has been a great gadget to own. But the average population was expecting it to be priced similar to the US. So just reminding a saying,

    "If you've gotto love it, you've gotto use it "

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