iPad 2 will be announced on March 2nd Apple Event

Apple has sent out invites to the March 2nd 2011 where the iPad 2 will be announced. This is a respite to all those who’ve been holding out to purchase an iPad for a long time. Enough from the rumor mill, we now have concrete date to wait for.


Till now, Apple products were the first to set higher standards for every gadget, be it music players, mobile phones or the tablets. 2011 is going to be an exciting year. Like every one we’ve set our hopes high on the iPhone5 and iPad2. We earlier saw that Google’s Android is growing at a fast pace, this is the time for Apple to shoot ahead.

5 must have features on the iPad2

  • Better screen (screen resolution) – Android tablet’s like XOOM have 1280 resolution.
  • Front camera – We’re pretty sure this’ll be in there. HD Face Time goodness. Who knows a Stereoscopic 3D camera too may be.
  • Better speakers – Other tablets have better speakers with stereo sound, it’s time we had a complete entertainment system.
  • Gyroscope – iPhone4 had it like a year back, it’s time iPad has it too.
  • Better processor – This would be revamped to have at least a dual core processor

There are other rumored features like removal of physical buttons, USB ports and a sleeker body (isn’t the iPad already sleeker).

While you wait till March 2nd, read Robert Scoble’s views on Xoom vs iPad.

[Via MobileCrunch]

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