How Green Is the iPhone Anyway

So the big question is, how green are the gadgets that you use/used? When we’re talking about green/eco-friendly, what we’re looking for is

  • How high the emissions are during production and  gadget usage.
  • What material the product is made of (are those eco-friendly?) And how minimal paper/plastic the gadget package comes with.
  • Is your gadget energy efficient or Do you have to charge twice a day?

GeekAPhone guys put together an interesting info-graphic which depicts how green the iPhone really is. Some of the noteworthy points are

  • iPhone parts come from 6 different countries and are assembled at China.
  • 2 million phones (not just iPhones) are dumped every week, that’s huge. I wonder where this landfill is.
  • Glass, Steel and battery make up 77% of the iPhone weight.
  • iPhone4 reduced CO2 emissions by 18% when compared to it’s precedent iPhone 3G
  • Less than 10% of the iPhone(s) are recycled. In India most of them are either passed on to kids in the family or trashed, despite Apple offers free recycling of their products.
  • iPhone emits 2 and 1/2 times less radiation than the level which can cause behavioural changes to animals, so the human race is safe for now. If you’re using those cheap China mobiles – you’re probably screwed.

More details in the graphic below.

[Via GeekAPhone]

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