Glasses Free 3D on iPad2

While wearing 3D glasses to watch immersive 3D videos in an IMAX movie theatre is fun, it’s dorky if you need to do the same on your phone/tablet while you’re on the move. Glasses Free 3D is the perfect (till we have 3D holograms) solution till then. It was introduced commercially on the recently released Nintendo 3DS pocket gaming console and is now demoed on the iPad2.


How does Glasses Free 3D work?
The device detects the user’s viewing angle and generates a 3D illusion against the picture accordingly.  Most games previously simulated the 3D effect used the gadget’s accelerometer.

It’ll be uber-cool if some one wrote a processing engine to convert existing 3D videos to be rendered into "Glasses Free 3D" effect. Most computers have a webcam now anyway for the processing engine to detect the viewer’s head (viewing angle), it can give 3D effect on regular monitors/LCD(s) too.

We sincerely hope that Apple incorporates this functionality in the upcoming iOS5. Now who wouldn’t want to play Super Mario Bros 3D using this?


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