Cycloramic Lets You Take Panoramic Videos by Automatically Spinning Your iPhone 5

cycloramic app logo

Cycloramic is an innovative app which lets you take handsfree panoramic videos with your iPhone 5. The app works with most iPhone models, however, with iPhone 5, it goes on a special mode where you place your iPhone 5 upright on a level, smooth surface and the app automatically spins the iPhone 5 while taking the video. All handsfree! Its an amazing feat that the developers seem to have achieved by generating custom vibration patterns fine tuned for the iPhone 5. Here is a video of the app in action:

Pretty cool eh? If you have an iPhone 5, you can grab the app from the App Store for ? 55. Please note that the automatic spin mode is only available for the iPhone 5. We hope the developers bring this mode to all the other iPhone models in the future.

[via @shantanugupta]

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