Are you rich, really rich? Buy a Gresso iDevice

We’ve seen all the expensive diamond studded and what not iPhones but this is the one that we like the most. The Gresso modded iPhones look really classsy and well, expensive. They have 3 models of iPhones – for the Lady, for the Man; and a special model called the Black Diamond. They cost $5000, $4500 and $10000 respectively.

Gresso iPhones

Each of the Gresso iDevice comes in a case made with 200 year old African Blackwood, studded with Swarovski crystals for the Lady. The Apple logo is made with 18-karat Gold and is studded with a rare magnificent black diamond in the Black Diamond model.

Recently they also announced a Gresso iPad that will be announced on the New Year’s eve. There is no official price out yet but provided the bigger size, we’d expect prices to be twice to thrice compared to the respective iPhone models.

Gresso iPad

But anyway if you are thinking about buying this, you surely don’t care about the price.


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