Announcements Galore – iTunes, Facebook Mail. What to expect

If you’ve not heard till now. There are two big announcements today and tomorrow.

The first exciting one’s by Apple about iTunes and is supposed to be big. The main thing that’s likely to be announced improve iTunes is

A cloud based iTunes – you can stream your audio and video whenever and wherever you are. No need to sync up music offline to your iOS device. Check out for further details here after the event.


Can they at least this time make the iTunes library sync’ble on multiple machines. Pretty please. That’ll help me with my work and home desktop sync.

And the other is from our beloved Facebook. So what’s different about this one eh? You can ask.


The only previous email revolution that we loved was when GMail was launched back in 2004 and we were so lucky to get rid of our 2MB Mail boxes
(Note to the new born – it was a joke back then).

So what could Facebook do with email that we haven’t seen before. As most people expect it to be, it’s got to be something to do with your social circle, may be it’ll give us

  • A Newer interface – Better control or visualize our email as how this generation love it. Like the Twitter timeline or your own Facebook wall (fast, precise & inline)
  • Labs – Custom Apps – Facebook still leads in the number of custom applications and games which use your “Facebook” data and product results. If it can churn out an API to let the user “Simplify Email” or provide 3rd party extensions to websites making them more interactive in your email.
  • An uber cool email address – Now you would want that right?

Google and Facebook are struggling to ensure that the average regular user spend more time on the website and recently Facebook beat Google at that.

Despite the release of a new email address, I believe it’ll take take a couple of years for people to finally migrate out of their existing email providers to this new one.
For Christ’s sake – people are still using Yahoo Mail and Hotmail – Will those people atleast signup for Facebook mail atleast – we’ll pardon you for not going to GMail at the last ‘email’ution. You can read more here.

The regular user will still be worried about his privacy – but I guess there isn’t much one can do. GMail got it and we didn’t do too much about it.

Signup folks! Cya after the next email evolution.

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