Aircel and Airtel Start Pre-order for iPhone 4S today, Price it Insanely High

As promised, Aircel and Airtel have started pre-order for the iPhone 4S today – 18th November 2011. The prices come as a surprise/shock to all Apple Fans who were expecting it to be priced <40,000 INR.


The iPhone 4S is available in both Black and White. The phone will be factory unlocked and doesn’t require any commitment to Aircel. The prices are

16GB – 44,500 INR
32GB – 50,900 INR
64GB – 57,500 INR

The pre-orders start today, so that means you need to pay the whole amount at an Aircel/Airtel store (can use cash/card) and get a pre-order confirmation receipt. As per the Aircel store, the iPhone will be handed over to you on 24th November 2011 mid-night, the official iPhone 4S launch date.  Airtel has a online pre-order system or you can go visit their store and book your iPhone 4S too .

They’re also re-introducing an iPhone 4 – 8GB version at a new price of 37,900 INR. Which is actually lame as iPhone4 16GB version has been available in the market officially for 34,500 INR.

Should you buy it in India?

An unlocked iPhone4S is priced at 649$ in the US. With taxes and a soaring dollar rate (1 USD = 51.37 INR at the moment) the phone will cost you around 35-36,000 INR. It’s your judgment call if you can spend the extra 7-8,000 INR and purchase it here to avoid all the hassle.

Would we buy it?

Still evaluating, Will keep you posted

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