Aircel & Airtel bringing iPhone 4S to India, Unlocked iPhones Available For Pre-order in the US

It’s time for iPhone fans to rejoice once again with the iPhone4S finally coming to India and I just can’t wait to get my hands on one. Aircel has announced that it’ll launch the phone soon. We are yet to see a similar announcement from Airtel.


The exact release date and prices are not officially out yet. earlier reported that the release date will be November 24/25th 2011 and the prices would be

16GB – 40,000 INR
32GB – 45,000 INR (Not clear, but seems logical).
64GB – 50,000 INR

Let’s all hope that this time, they get rid of the crappy “Reverse Subsidy” plans and really offer something for a discount. Psst… I don’t mind a free bluetooth headset.

In other news, in case you’re not really happy with these prices. The much awaited Unlocked iPhone4S is now available for pre-order in the US. Call your friends who’re returning from the US and can smuggle one for you.

16GB – 649$ (around 32,500 INR + taxes)
32GB – 749$
64GB – 849$

So are you going get an iPhone4S or will you wait for the “real iPhone5”? BTW, did you know that Siri works great with Indian accents too.

Update 13th November 2011
Aircel has confirmed 25th November 2011 as the release date. The pre-orders are starting on November 18th. Don’t be late. Also Airtel has confirmed to be launching the iPhone4S too in an email communication.

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