Samsung Sells 10 Million Galaxy S Phones, Half Still On 2.1

With specs good enough to compete the best in the market, variants that looked like totally different phone models, Samsung’s Galaxy S was deemed to succeed. And it did. As of now it’s official that they have sold 10 million of these devices.

But what the buyers probably didn’t know is that Samsung is a lazy ass when it comes to upgrading firmware versions. And in the Android world that is real bad. So while Google has already launched Nexus S with Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and LG and other manufacturers have promised to update their devices soon, almost half of Samsung’s Galaxy S series is still stuck on Android 2.1 that was released almost an year back! Samsung has upgraded the phone to Android 2.2 (Froyo) in lots of countries just a month ago, but major countries like USA where as many as 4 variants of the phone were released are still waiting. While unofficial methods of upgrading are available, most buyers who are waiting are furious and cursing Samsung.

Samsung’s official twitter page posted a tweet yesterday that said, “We are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all U.S. Galaxy S owners as soon as possible.” This means the update is coming soon. We just hope they don’t screw up and delay the dates even further.

It’s arguably the most popular Android phone, and it’s paints such a clear picture of the Android fragmentation problem. Google seriously needs to do something about it. Also, why hasn’t the Nexus One been updated to Gingerbread yet? Apple does it on all the phones at the same time. Why can’t Google?

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