Opera Announces Browser For Tablets; Shows Slick Demo

I am loving all the browser demos on different Android devices showing up today. This is one area where I find Android to be lacking seriously. No matter what you say, Chrome Mobile is nowhere near the experience and convenience of Mobile Safari. And don’t you dare name alternatives. I hate all of them too. No hard feelings butĀ Dolphin especially feels like browsing on Internet Explorer 6 stuffed with plug-ins on a Windows Vista based computer.

Just in time for CES (and a million Android tablets), Opera has announced a proper Opera browser for Tablets. They haven’t mentioned any details but the demo shows Opera on a Samsung Galaxy Tab. It looks very smooth and very real browser like.

From the Opera Mini success story, I know Opera is great when it comes to collaboration. I can foresee Tablet manufacturers advertising their sub $200 prices that come with Opera Browser pre-loaded. Of course it’s good for all 3 parties, the manufacturerm the buyer and Opera so I am not complaining.

[via Phandroid]

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