Nox Audio’s Admiral Touch Headphones Run Android. No, Really.

I know Android’s popularity is growing exponentially. I expected a plethora of Android tablets and smartphones to be launched this CES. But I never expected Android will become a use every-frickin-where OS so soon! Android on Headphones, seriously? Also, why is their a screen on the headphones? I must say though, the stainless steel Admiral Touch from Nox Audio are arguably the coolest headphones I’ve ever seen.

Nox Audio Android Headphones

Nox Audio has made sure that the headphones can boast of all the features that you can think of. They support Bluetooth and custom 2.4 GHz Wireless playback, noise-cancellation and 7.1 surround sound. They can actually connect to both frequencies in parallel and let you choose the source as required. As I told you already, the headphones run Android OS. They have a 2.4″ touch display that is recognizes gestures for controlling the audio playback and allows changing the mode of the headset. One of the most unique feature of the headphones is auto-adjustment of equalizer and volume when you hang them on your neck. This allows you to continue listening to music at a similar volume to when you had them on your ears. Interesting indeed.

The sad part is, Engadget had a chance to look at the preview and they weren’t really impressed. Nox Audio says they will fix the audio and other issues before the actual release which is sometime in the end of this year. But if you are looking for some serious audiophile gear, I’d suggest you to look elsewhere. In fact, unless you are looking for some novelty gizmo more than a good pair of headphones, I wouldn’t recommend these to you.

Oh btw, if you think that a lot of headphones in the coming year will run Android, I strongly disagree. It’s just plain unnecessary.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Swaroop says:

    We don't mind a slide-in LCD/camera to this and we have our own hands-free video calling.

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