Is Honeycomb Android 3.0 or 2.4?

While going through their server logs, noted a new Android OS version. The surprise was that the OS version number was 2.4 not 3.0. While almost everyone assumed that Honeycomb stood for Android 3.0, that apparently may not be the case. Pocketnow found 1 visit on their website but 15 visits on a larger website whom they consulted. The website also showed 2 visits from devices showing OS version as Android 3.0. Later AndroidPolice also found 15 references in their logs but none from 3.x.

Google’s alphabetic naming convention, Motorola’s advertisement and affirmation on Official Android Dev Blog make it sure that the next release is codenamed Honeycomb but the version number has never been mentioned. The 3.0 rumors probably came from earlier Google statement where they said that 3.0 release will bring major overhaul to Android. The Honeycomb release on the other hand, to our knowledge yet, is only supposed to bring proper Tablet support.

Although Android devices can be hacked to show fake version numbers but the 2.4 theory seems about right. If Google was about to release a major version upgrade they could have waited and synced the launch of Nexus S and Android 3.0. The sad thing is that this pretty much subdues all the excitement I had for Honeycomb. No matter how good the tablets released along with Honeycomb are, I’d still wait for iPad 2.

[via; Image: AndroidAndMe]

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