Gingerbread Is Hiding Cute Zombie Art [Easter Eggs FTW]

Are you one of those few who have an Android phone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread? Here is a cute easter egg that XDA member teknoraver found.

Goto Settings->About Phone and scroll down to the bottom of the list. Now tap “Android version” column repeatedly. It may take some time (took me some 50-60 taps) but keep tapping swiftly and it will eventually work and you’ll see a cute Zombie painting by Jack Larson as shown in the screen below.

Gingerbread Zombie Art by Jack Larson

PS: Did you know that in Android’s SDK, the SensorManager class defines constants for gravity on The Island (4.815162 ;-))¬†and Death Star.

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2 Responses to this post

  1. Swaroop says:

    Didn’t know about the constants thing..Nice find.

    The easter egg discovery though has been around since the day of Gingerbread launch.

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