Android to get a revamped music player

With hardware companies getting into the “Android Media player” gadgets like this, and screen sizes on mobile phones and tablets growing bigger it’s time Android get serious about the phone being used as a complete media player.

A leaked video surfaced which supposedly shows a revamped music player experience in the upcoming Android version (3.0 – honey comb) to be a head-on competition to the music dominator Apple’s iPod.

We’ve heard of these arguments before. Apple’s strategy was an all-in-one approach to tackle this which goes something like this “Give out the best software and hardware and provide great integration with online music/video stores”, it’s been successful at it so far.

Android is going to get it’s own online store too, but more details will only be revealed later.

Still hate the Android’s default media player? There are other applications available like Winamp which even offer wireless synchronization with your desktop PC.

[Via TechCrunch]

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