3 Apps You Can Gift An Android Owner This Christmas

First of all, Merry Christmas to you!

Being the geek I am, I’m completely happy getting software/apps/games as gifts on all the festivals and events. If you know someone like me, who also has an Android phone, this is your chance to surprise them. I am putting up a list of 3 most fun apps that you can gift today. You can gift any 1 of them, all 3 of them, or just use them as an icing on the gift you are already giving the person 🙂

Camera Fun Pro ($0.99)

Yeah we know that you’ve heard of photoshop and can apply all those filters to any image. But how many times have you done it? Believe me this app will make you do it. It is like a live Photoshop lens applied onto you phone’s camera. It has 24 lenses ranging from the simple and nice ones like Sepia and Sketch to SciFi ones like Avatar and Thermal (We call it Predator vision) to outright crazy ones like Bulge and Tunnel.

Camera Fun Pro

But just before you buy it, we warn you that you’ll probably be the first target for a funny picture!

Fruit Ninja ($0.99)

If you like Ninjas, fast action, brutal slick sword moves, and hate fruit; you should play this. It’s one of the most popular games this year with over 2 million copies sold.

Caution: Fruit will be brutally harmed, cut, sliced. A lot of fruit. But then again it’s not you who’s gonna do it 😉

NESoid ($3.98)

Play Mario, Contra, Zelda or BomberMan or the NES game of your choice on your Android phone. This is like a thousand classic games in 1 package. I can’t think of any one who won’t love this!

Bonus Must Have: Talkin Santa Free

This is the first and only time you’ll get to Poke, Slap or Tickle Santa without him getting irritated. But he might irritate you with repeating whatever you speak. He never stops! He also gives you gifts and lets you send customized cards. You too can give him Milk and Cookies if he looks tired 🙂

Go ahead, gift these games and spread happiness. Once again, Merry Christmas!

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