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Excerpt from The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization (Season 1 Episode 9The Big Bang Theory):

Leonard (to Penny): Hang on, hang on. Do you not realize what we just did?
Penny: Yeah, you turned your stereo down with your laptop.
Leonard: No, we turned our stereo down, by sending a signal around the world via the Internet.
Penny: Oh. You know you can get one of those universal remotes from Radioshack? They’re really cheap.
Leonard: No, you don’t get it. Howard, Enable public access.
Howard: Public access enabled.
Penny (after a few seconds of nothing happens): Boy, that’s terrific. I’ll see ya.
Leonard: No hang on, hang on! (The lights in the apartment start blinking) See?
Penny: No.
Leonard: Someone in Sichuan province, China, is using his computer to turn our lights on and off.
Penny (kinda frustrated): Oh, that’s handy. Here’s a question, Why?
Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Koothrappali (all together): Because we can!

With a plethora of technology blogs around, does anybody actually need another one? Maybe not. So why woikr? Well, because we can 😉

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