iOS 5.1 Lets You Delete Photos from Photostream, Among Other Improvenents

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Apple released the latest version of the mobile operating system, iOS 5.1 yesterday after their iPad event. Among a long list of bug fixes, improvements and enhancements, lies a tiny little feature which everyone has been wanting since the day apple announced Photostream – the ability to delete photos from photostream on your iOS device. Many a times, we take multiple pictures of a subject in order to get it right. If you enable Photostream on your iOS device, it will automatically push all the photos you take from the camera to your Photostream. Thereby pushing all the non perfect shots you might have taken. And there was no way to delete them from your Photostream on your iOS device. In iOS 5.1, you can delete individual photos from the Photostream, so that you just have the perfect shots in there. Photostream is synced on all your iOS devices and your Apple TV as well.

Here are the complete release notes for iOS 5.1:


iOS 5 devices to transmit album, artist and track data to bluetooth audio devices

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I use my iPhone 4 to listen to songs on my car’s bluetooth enabled music system. Its super convenient to be able to wirelessly transmit songs from the phone to the car’s audio system without the need for a cable. Also, it doubles up as a handsfree device when I get a call while I am driving.

A new addition to iOS 5 will be the ability to transmit artist, track and album data to the bluetooth audio device so that the screen can now show the track name, artist & album of the song being played currently. I am not sure if my car’s audio system is capable of displaying this data (I will keep my fingers crossed though), but there are many cars out there which do support this. Here is a video of Toyota Prius in action with the new feature:


[via 9to5mac]

iOS 5 to let users delete music from their iDevices


Wow, the list just goes on and on. After FaceTime on 3G & custom vibrations in addition to a plethora of other features, apparently, iOS 5 also lets you delete music from your iDevice directly. Previously, you had to do this by tethering you device to your computer and deleting the item from iTunes. It does make sense now that Apple is making all the iDevice go PC free. So all you have to do is swipe your finger across any media item and you will be presented with the ever so familiar delete button to delete the item from the device.

Delete music iOS 320x480

[via iPhoneIndia]

FaceTime to work over 3G in iOS 5?

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It looks like FaceTime might go 3G with iOS 5. Reports are coming in that Apple might leave it up to the carriers to allow FaceTime calls over their 3G networks. This is awesome news. Given how Skype has been down ever since Microsoft bought it to fuck it up, FaceTime might emerge as the new video calling standard on the move. 9to5mac has received the following screenshot which might point to FaceTime being available over 3G in iOS 5:

Facetime 3g 604x700


iOS 5: iPhone 3GS vs. iPhone 4


Wondering how your iPhone 3GS will perform with iOS 5 compared to iPhone 4? You should totally check out this video:


Looks like iPhone 3GS is a pretty powerful device after all and definitely not obsolete for the next year or two!

[via iPhoneIndia]

iOS 9 is now Available

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Apple’s latest mobile operating system is now available for download. iOS 9 focuses majorly on performance improvements and is compatible with iPhones up to 4S and iPads up to original mini. Here are some key changes in the new version:

  • Battery life improvements.
  • A new system wide font. This is the same font used in Apple Watch.
  • A new News app to subscribe and catch up to  news.
  • Improved notes app supporting photos, sketches & lists.
  • Transit directions in Maps.
  • Store cards in Wallet (previously passbook) in addition to Financial institution cards.
  • Far better multitasking features for the iPad.
  • Smarter Siri.
  • 6 digit passcodes.

The battery life improvements alone make this upgrade worthy. Head to Settings – General – Software Update on your device to update to the latest version.

Meru Cabs iOS and Android Apps Now Available


Radio cab service provider Meru has launched its iOS and Android apps to enable users to book their cabs anytime and anywhere. The apps offer features like live map view, ICE alert and push notifications to give users more control on their cab bookings.

The overall process of booking the cabs is same as that on web. You select a time, pick up location and drop location to submit your request. In a matter of seconds, the app will let you know if your booking has been accepted or not.


The best part about the apps is the ability to view the trip live on map. This will help you tell the driver the way to your home as you can see where the cab is in real time. You can also see the cab moving live in real time in the map view while sitting in the cab! Another great feature is the ability to specify emergency contact who can be automatically notified about the cab details as soon are you board it and start the trip. This can be used in case of emergencies.

Down the apps from here: iOS version. Android version. Windows version is coming soon.

Imangi Studios Launch Temple Run 2, the Sequel to their Wildly Popular Game

temple run 2 logo

Imangi Studios surprised everyone by releasing Temple Run 2 – the sequel to their wildly popular game, Temple Run. The original game was a huge hit because of its immersive and thrilling, yet simple gameplay. The sequel is no different. It improves upon the prequel with astoundingly better graphics (which are, apparently, built using a much better graphics engine this time), new power ups, new stunts, yet using the same simplistic controls.

temple run 2 for iOS

You can download the iOS version from here: The Android version will be released in some time.

How To Get Back Google Maps Experience on iOS6 (iPhone/iPad)

Apple dug it’s own hole by replacing the much Beautiful Google Maps with its crappy Apple Maps (powered by TomTom) on iOS6 – There I said it.

The sheer disaster is very obvious from the tweets all over the world. Some of the non-techies woke up with a surprise with the features that they lost like public transit details/biking/walking directions etc which were replaced with a less-used Fly over maps (Again just for the US).

Here’s a comparison between how it was (Google Maps), and how Apple Maps (with no data). It’s almost as if the whole area has been demolished over night by Apple destruction crew. Our only hope is that Google comes back to the rescue of the poor (not $ wise) iOS6 users.

Google Maps (Before)

Apple Maps (After)

Photo 20-09-12 12 35 27 PM Photo 20-09-12 12 35 42 PM

Here are two ways to get back Google Maps that we’ve tried out.


Google Maps Live Traffic Info Now Available for India (Also on Android and iOS)

Well, I am not really breaking any news here. Just for those folks who might’ve missed this.

Google Maps now shows Live traffic information. This is a sign of relief for Indian users who were only relying on Waze at the moment. The traffic data isn’t too accurate at the moment. But as we all know the more the users the more the accuracy (it’s crowd sourced).

The UI is very intuitive and this traffic information is also available on the Google Maps applications on Android and iOS (probably on other OS with traffic layer support too).

Photo 11-09-12 11 42 38 AM 


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